Home / Tech / CES 2019 has all the tech for your new year fitness goals | Engadget Today

CES 2019 has all the tech for your new year fitness goals | Engadget Today

CES 2019 has all the tech for your new year fitness goals | Engadget Today

Let’s get physical.

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  1. All the cool tech you'd buy and probably just use once

  2. What I wanna know is who the girl is with all the tattoos. 😍

  3. 多少人是被封面骗进来的,,,,

  4. I like your review. You did a great job !!!

  5. The woman in the thumbnail is Flipping sexy🙏

  6. I don't know why people don't like the presenter?

  7. this thumbnail thing weaponizing all over youtube rapidly

  8. The kettle bell is really cool.

  9. The thumbnail though🔥🔥🔥

  10. I know why you are all here

  11. Those tights are the new tech.

  12. I thought the girl on the thumbnail was pouring tea..

  13. Whats music at beginning?

  14. 1) Already saw the individual vids for these, they were informative. This was not.
    2) Presenter is a jerk.
    3) Thumbnail clickbait

  15. It's 2019. A common mistake in January. 🙂

  16. @0:07 typo in the year 🙂

  17. Thumbnail = Watch Immediately 😃

  18. I'm a simple man. I see a hot girl – I click. 🤓

  19. So another shitty CES is done? Boring products all around. Congrats. And dumdums wonder why Apple gets so much praise. They invented the modern smartphone and tablet and thin laptops. Why can't Sony or Samsung or even a new company come out with some new original shit that people actually want?

  20. As soon as i realised its clickbait i m leaving

  21. Terrible presenter & forced clickbait.. You should know better Engadget

  22. That thumbnail hook? Wtf click bait !

  23. Why waste time on eye contact, if there's So many eavesdropping overzealous sensitive quick to condemn gossiping douchebags around, telling everybody how wrong they felt after not automatically receiving the entitled reactions they always feel they deserve from others on a daily basis…

  24. 1.19 min , she’s intense

  25. nice clickbait thumbnail…

  26. Guys you did me dirty with that thumbnail

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