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Charlamagne Disses Tyga For Dating Kylie Jenner

Charlamagne Disses Tyga For Dating Kylie Jenner

Charlamagne Tha God disses Tyga for dating Kylie Jenner who is only 17 years old.

Starring Charlamagne

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  1. He's not dissing why u gotta lie Hollywood life?😡

  2. charlamagne FUCK you

  3. wtf is with charlamagne eye browsnowadays

  4. 00:20 Gaaaa-Daaamn!! Tyga hair line go waaaaay 🔙 👀👀

  5. Talk about tygas new tattoo!

  6. Haha he looks more and more fem as the days go on. Like wow the lack of mustache is not a good look for him. Smdh

  7. Where he gets his money from? this guy for real or stupid? tyga could sell out venues, music sales working with chris brown, ayo being the biggest song in clubs, clothing lines, sponsorship , heck even Hookah is on 120 mill views

  8. Charlemagne said it right! The truth hurts sometimes lol 😂😂😂😂🙌

  9. This is probably the first (and last) time that I enjoyed listening to Charlemagne's response.

  10. He did diss her at all he complimented her smh dumb people

  11. Shitt I'm saying Kylie bad now and I'm 19 😅

  12. Kylie look like shes 28…. I mean shes gorgeous but what is left for her.. Shes 17 living like she in her mid 20' when shes that age shes gon be sooooo dry and burn

  13. THANK YOU FUCKING CHARLAMANE you are truly a god for spitting facts on this subject

  14. Dissing?? Wtf?? Do you even know what dissing is?

  15. Tyga is getting his own show?

  16. Anybody else peep Charlamagne eyebrows

  17. Too much make up on stage Charlemagne the God hahahah

  18. Charlamagne's eyebrows are blessed #WayWayWayUP

  19. Is this is dissing? Ithink you shoud go to a doctor and check your ears .. bit$hes

  20. I understand him in a way but u know its his life

    I love your channel

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