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Charlie Rose admits to 'inappropriate' workplace behavior | USA TODAY

According to recent court documents, Charlie Rose admitted to flirting with female co-anchors and multiple workplace relationships through his career.

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  1. In these days of open sexual encounters and sophisticated digital technology, spontaneity should probably "bite the dust".

    Intelligent individuals would be wise to mutually record their agreement prior to engaging in intimate contact – – it may be the only way to prove consent after the fact.

  2. Dear USA Today,
    Thank you for posting.
    He's been at my last job I see. 😪
    True Story
    I used to work at a 1% job.
    Year: 1999
    Head of the
    Regional Department has my supervisor ask me if I'm still with my current boyfriend. 😳
    3x !! 😨
    My coworkers told me he had them at his house to get a "leg up" in the company. 😢
    But they found nothing wrong with it.
    I was shocked! 🤯
    A professional business would never allow this and I refused all 3 times! 😠
    Strictly professional.
    I quietly resigned in 2005 after being thrown into another city too far from my residence.
    Appalling! 😡
    Thanks for reading.
    Michigan, USA

  3. Everything done in the dark will soon come to the light.

  4. What’s wrong with flirting or sex between 2 consenting adults…….nothing.

  5. MAGA ✝️❤️👍 Trump Rally tonight Ohio

  6. No don’t fold under pressure! This is just want the #metoo dummies want too see!

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