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Chasing Rivers, Part 1: The Colorado | Nat Geo Live

Chasing Rivers, Part 1: The Colorado | Nat Geo Live

National Geographic Freshwater Hero Pete McBride paddled and hiked the length of the Colorado River Delta, photographing and filming an unprecedented conservation success—the mighty river’s triumphant, albeit temporary, return to the sea.
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Chasing Rivers, Part 1: The Colorado | Nat Geo Live

National Geographic

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  1. demolish morelos dam and las vegas

  2. 9:07 anyone saw the house with lights on the right

  3. Sorry, but for those too busy, here is the abstract from the Peer-Reviewed article published in "Science News" 5/18/2007 (THAT'S 7 YEARS BEFORE THIS VIDEO WAS PUBLISHED) Read: Colorado River Stream flow History Reveals Mega drought Before 1490
    Date: May 18, 2007 Source: University of Arizona Summary:
    An epic drought during the mid-1100s dwarfs any drought previously documented for a region that includes areas of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming. The six-decade-long drought was marked by the absence of very wet years and a 25-year period when Colorado River flow averaged 15 percent below normal. The new tree-ring-based reconstruction documents the year-by-year natural variability of stream flows in the upper Colorado River basin back to A. D. 762.

  4. You images of our beloved West are truly beautiful. I’m from the east coast, about ten minutes from the beach, and I have never been to the Grand Canyon or anywhere out there. I’m planning a trip now though after this documentary.

  5. Nothing in this universe has done anything for 6 million years. People ignore what God says in His word and make things up.

  6. Solve the water problem. You got oceans full of water. Just take the salt out it. Their problem solved

  7. Yo I’m from the roaring fork valley

  8. oil is a hydrocarbon, it's more natural than nature it'self

  9. As a coloradan and nature enthusiast ive always wanting see the extracting of Colorado River water to wayne.

  10. I really adore this guy and his advocacy for conservation.

  11. my heart breaks to see the mass extinction of water and the plastic bottles laying on the sediment are just as bad killing ecosystems! Climate change humans are earth the predators 🙁 God help us all to appreciate and conserve .. earth thank you for your research

  12. Amazing video. Luv it. New to this channel. Also watched Nat’l Geog on TV for years. Tfs

  13. Thanks Al Miller for the vid, das great. IECO 2018

  14. powerful…. he is truly trying to make a change…

  15. this vid is boring i almost died watching delete ur chanel please

  16. We can't win . The earth needs to shake us off , like a flea bitten dog . YOU GO GIRL !!! Shake away !

  17. That place looks like an ancient mining operation

  18. This is so incredibly sad! Hope The Native American Indian Nations win!

  19. I like how the left always wants us to adhere to "science", yet they are the first ones to nod approvingly when the Hopeless Indian tribe "worships" the "spirit world" of the Grand Canyon. Let's use "science" to find out where these spirits hide out.

  20. we can do same in straya to Murray/Darling, New England can vote back in that drunkard alien environment terrorist barnaby joyce to give the water to his rich cotton baron cronies

  21. Just below where the delta ends is the birthing zone for California Grey Whales, much dirtier and polluted than when a natural river fed the head of the Gulf of California.


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