Chelsea Clinton made millions since serving on investment firm board: Report

Former Obama economic adviser Robert Wolf, 1 Empire Group’s John Burnett, Layfield Report CEO John Layfield and former investment banker Carol Roth discuss a report saying Chelsea Clinton made $9 million since 2011 serving on an investment firm board.

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  1. If hillary cannot get the cash she will make sure by hook Or by CROOK a family member will even if they have half a brain 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Well atleast she's got a degree

    "In 2003, Clinton completed an MPhil degree in international relations at Oxford. … In 2011, Clinton transferred back to University College, Oxford, from the Wagner School of Public Service at New York University to complete her DPhil degree in International Relations."

  3. Don’t you just love these spoiled millionaires if they ever had to really work like My wife and I do every day get up drive to work EVERY DAY pay bills pay taxes pay for heating oil kids food at the end we have little for ourselves TRY THAT EVERYDAY CLINTON

  4. Ivanka got beauty and brains Chelsea has neither

  5. Say it ain't so, corruption runs in the Clinton family? No, I would've never thought that could be. Just wonder when she's going to take over the family's killing business?

  6. You guys act like you wouldn't help your son or daughter get a job somewhere if you were able to. I hope you would if you could; you'd be a pretty cold parent if you didn't.

  7. The only way this happens is having a direct relationship with CRIME!!

  8. I'm sure Chelsea Clinton is a real prize just like her parents. For one example, I hear the people of Haiti are huge fans of the Clinton's. Ask them when the Clinton's can return there for a visit.

  9. Chelsea Clinton first is not qualified to sit on any the board of any company doing anything, she is Bill and Hillary Clinton's daughter and that is all she is qualified to be. I don't care where she went to school, I have heard her speak, she has been setup by her Mommy and Daddy, it's not capitalism brother when unqualified people get to climb the pole us success not from hard work but because the are related to someone.

  10. Hmm no conflict of interest here

  11. The system is rigged

  12. This isn't capitalism and just because it has gone on since the beginning of time doesn't make it right. Who gets paid that kind of money with no experience.

  13. Bulls and bears?? Mostly BULL.😊

  14. Remember during the 2016 election when Chelsea's mom was running for president? And Chelsea answered a reporter's question about money with "money just isn't important to me."

  15. I wish I could get pushed through an elite college when not qualified to attend the college. My guess is she took very few exams during her time in college. Then make millions doing nothing by landing a job I’m not qualified for.This is Capital Cronyism and it’s disgusting.

  16. Remember when NBC hired her as a fantastically paid rookie "reporter" ???
    What did NBC really pay for ?

  17. Was that a laundromat?

  18. I dont agree with the hypocrisy but nobody would pass up 1 mil a year. Most of you would take a trip to Epstein island for that much money.

  19. glad to see people are calling Chelsea out for her do nothing board jobs, I wont use expedia anymore

  20. "worked for a hedge fund"

  21. All In The Family… Of A Bunch Of CROOKS. Trump 2020 😇😇😇😇

  22. This family is nothing but a bunch of f*cking crooks!

  23. its not what you know its Who know

  24. It's not Capitalism, it's cronyism…! And stealing.

  25. Surprise surprise! Chelsea looks just like her REAL Daddy—Webb Hubbel. Soviet dictator Nikita Kruschev banged his shoe on a table & bellowed “We will bury you!” Turns out, the Dems did it for him.

  26. gosh, she is huge; who cares about her money. How much of it goes into non profits? zero

  27. Dumb an dumber what a joke Ray Charles can see that

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