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Chicago Officer Investigated After Video Shows Him Body-Slamming Man | NBC Nightly News

A brief video shows the moment a Chicago police officer slammed a 29-year-old man to the ground, but does not show what led up to the incident. The officer is now being investigated, but police say he was performing an “emergency takedown” after the man verbally threatened him, licked his face and spit in his eyes.
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Chicago Officer Investigated After Video Shows Him Body-Slamming Man | NBC Nightly News


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  1. So many blue smurfs commenting on this.. This was just wrong. Until the police start having to pay, for the lawsuits against them, this will keep happening. It's been out of control for too long.

  2. No excuses! Excessive force! Absolutely no excuse.
    The officer must be fired, immediately, and later prosecuted by the authorities and family.
    What is this country coming to? Anyone with a badge can do whatever they want? I don't think so!
    If we let this go, it will only get worse.
    As for the bad boys defending this man's actions…. here is my question:
    "Bad boy, bad boy… What you gonna do when they come for you??

  3. Investigated? We just saw everything we need to know, 5 years in prison for butt boy, or allow the family to choose a member of the WWF to slam him repeatedly into the concrete until he is limp, then no assistance, but start an investigation. Shame on Chicago’s Chief

  4. This cop is a scum bag….police think they are above the law

  5. Guy has mental issues, just for those who are defending the cops, saying "you don't know the whole story"…. neither do you

  6. Leave it to these mega cities that are basically third world to defend the criminal.

  7. Its funny this animal was homeless with a rap sheet now his mom suddenly cares about him if she really cares about her criminal son he would not b in this situation i think she glad now she can try to sew cpd did not even have the Decency to apologize to the officer for her son spitting on his face good job to the officer for slamming that animal put him in a cage THROW AWAY THE KEY

  8. Wonder how many millions this din du is going to get.

  9. I think someone else would have done worst. People get killed for stepping on someone’s shoes

  10. just point a gun in his face and trust me he will be sober in an instant.

  11. So why didn't the black people who was there standing around at the scene just looking? They didn't find anything wrong with it.

  12. This is classic, people only see the act but not what led to it. They didnt see the guy resisting arrest, they didnt see the whole story.

  13. Never a dull day when it comes to police officers abusing their power.

  14. He lick my face Spit in both of my eyes Cops don't trust them

  15. This cop killing, maiming, targeting etc of innocent black people and lying about it with their fork tongues is an every-day thing. So do not be disturb, more of this bs to come.

  16. One fact most people don’t get is, Mayors and police administrators Have little to No control over these police Departments. Major cities departments cannot be controlled. These departments need to be cut by half, with new laws created to control police in this country.

  17. Let me guess no body can footage? Yeah because that would tell the whole truth but everyone knows what happens to body cam vids in Chicago they disappear

  18. At least he fought instead of shoot kudos to this officer

  19. The officer lost control of his behavior. This officer is going to lie as much as possible to save himself. There are no good cops. If there were there wouldn't be any bad cops.

  20. Why hasn’t Lightfoot,fired this guy? Can’t call him an officer!

  21. a man threatening an officer spits on him and licks him is real life and that officer deserves to stop the threat. You don’t know what else can happen. Let someone sexually assault you and spit on you and cross any other boundaries… everyone is hypocrite who would demand someone fired and respond the same way he did.. so how would you handled it pal? Everyone can say he shouldn’t slam him, but honestly anything this man would do to stop the threat would be criticized.. next ina few years would be he shouldn’t go to jail for licking and spitting on an officers face that’s what they get paid for.. our society is finished and deserves destruction.

  22. So now they call it an Emergency take down, hilarious….

  23. “Emergency takedown “

    Slams guy with ultimate force

  24. Almost 480 homicides this year in Chicago (35 in Nov) and this is what makes the news??

  25. Had 2 Cops tase and body slam me knocking 3 teeth out, 2 years later I personally thanked them! 🤔

  26. Cop's was ruff on the pat down gave dude a ruff reach around dude didn't like the tugg so s he licked him an spit in his face , so my question is who's the real freak an who deserves the punishment

  27. 🤔so let me get this right🤔this was a African-American descent police officer👮🏿‍♂️violated the human rights of a African-American descent Law Abiding Citizen🤦🏾‍♂️

  28. Sooo when did Rev. Al Sharpton become the Mayor of the city of Chicago ???🤨

  29. Spit in my face and try to lick me, ether you get body slammed, or tased. Take your pick buddy.

  30. You spit on another man and all bets are off. It's thunderdome; no rules.

  31. Well what ever reason the officer didn’t need to do that
    He’s to protect and serve

    Omg what’s going on chi

  32. Great job by the officer, may next he will think twice dumass

  33. Good slam that crack head to the ground

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