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Chile suffers the worst drought in 60 years

Central Chile is suffering the worst drought in 60 years. That includes the capital Santiago, home to nearly half the country’s population of 18 million.
Experts predict climate change, over-exploitation by agriculture and other factors means the shortage of water will be permanent.
Al Jazeera’s Lucia Newman reports from Aculeo in Chile.

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  2. Hope she's not biking to America. No more hispanics please. Build that wall.

  3. It was 90 degrees in Alaska global warming

  4. Muslim climate change is ruining the world 👌

  5. If the sea water is going to rise because of the artic ice melting and causing havoc around the world, we need to start investing in cleaning it for human/agriculture use or is that to simple. Water is going to be a precious commodity in the future people.

  6. The world weather is freaking weird but USA says climate change is a hoax by China, idiotic trump.

  7. Climate deniers need their heads examined. SMH

  8. Let me guess this is a Hispanic country so let’s blame the USA.

    The real problem is they are using their water to grow avocados 🥑.

  9. May be cocacola is sucking everything?

  10. It's the good new for Trump !

  11. That’s what happens when you cut down all your native trees.

  12. So the Drought started 10 years ago nope don't believe it . Maybe the first clue's something was a miss was 50 years ago and like all corrupt Countries we'll do something next year we'll people it's too late and the 4thWorld United States of America has closed its boarder.
    Irish citizen

  13. Using the water that flows through Santiago is ridiculous. The river smells so bad it is horrible for the poor that have to live near it.

  14. Weather of the Anti Christ.

  15. She rides her bike through a puddle near the end. WTF?

  16. Thanks to weather modifications you silly sand people …duhhhh we are 8n info wars and weather wars ..whom pays more gets more rain…not rocket science..no carbon tax no rain. Simple

  17. Can't wait for this to happen to the USA, maybe then they'll start doing something about choking up the earth with abandon.

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