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China is getting crushed by this trade war: Steve Moore

Heritage Foundation chief economist Steve Moore discusses the U.S.-China trade war and reacts to China devaluing their currency.

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  1. If It's true. They would've folded long ago. Why should Uncle Sam itch for a 1st phase "deal" which means nothing. If U hold all the Aces, U sit pat.

  2. F China buy made in America. F the ChiComs.

  3. We must stop China’s evil imperialism.

  4. Is it good news, China getting crushed? What if they had our worst possible interests in mind? What if they let these sanctions slide, after skunk goes, then react?

  5. China will never dominate US as global superpower because they're bunch of scum.

  6. china will fall, 20 years ago 10 years ago and now america is crying and lying and paying for the tariffs

  7. You mean China is crushing right.. Trump is ready to concede defeat… That sounds like a loss

  8. God this lady is annoying. She cant keep her pie hole shut for 2 seconds. Trump is doing the right thing. The only people wanting to surrender are Dems and wall street. The American people are willing to ride this out. Honestly, Iowa farmers who grew rich thanks to ethanol, are just gonna have to ride this out too. This the only chance we will have to bring China to their knees and we will if the dems act like they are Americans and not Chinese.



  11. The Chinese market is 5 times bigger than USA.it's imposible to beat china!..make a smart deal.all US companies were force to move to china voluntarily to look for profit.they voluntarily give away their technology.that's the true.

  12. The U.S. has to crush the Chinazi commie regime otherwise, it will bury the U.S.

  13. Hong kongers thank President Trump wages trade war with China communist regime.

  14. I would believe this, if it wasnt coming from Fox News…

  15. Trade war maybe but china is crushing the labor market in every country. So one might think u.s. is winning with trade of products but china is winning in every country with labor. Not to mention china is winning by drug market. China knows the easy way to bring a country down is via drugs and cheap labor!

  16. China is going soft on Trump because they want him to stay in office. Keeping an unstable Government in the USA. They may feel the Tariffs but they play a long game of hundreds of years. The USA is only playing a 4 to 8yr game. China is not getting crushed by the tariffs. They have moved their trade to Russia. Soya bean and Wheat and Grain are going in from Russia. China has the ability to devalue the Yuan more, change interest rates etc and not have any fear of getting voted out. Trump will be voted out next year. Obama set up the TPP which would hinder China the same as it is now especially on IP theft but Trump pulled out and went alone. The same pressure would have been on China but from all pacific rim countries not just USA. Now with only Trump fighting against China, the fight stops when he leaves office. If it was a partnership for countries then when one leader is replaced in one country the other countries keep the fight up and the new leader continues on with the partnership. Also the USMCA is just NAFTA 2.0. Nothing much changed in the end except trump screwed around and then put it all back in a new package. Very much like his reaction to Obamacare.

  17. China is the parasite of society.

  18. Wow, the so valiant Xi Jinping (Beavis & Butthead) is getting on his knees and begging Mr. Trump for forgiveness… what a yellow loser!

  19. Apparently they're looking at implementing a floating tariff pegged to the Yuan, so no matter how their currency is manipulated, the tariff auto adjusts, based on an economic formula so they gain absolutely nothing by currency manipulation. It's a no win for them. As a result. US is in a stronger position than ever.

  20. China crushed again??? why it crushes again and again…

  21. HAHAHA. then please let me know why US Ban HUAWEI to enter in the U.S? they claim huawei is not good to the government. So you still gonna double standard? please be fair. U.S are about the same as other government. NATIONAL Security is above all freedom. Mark my words!!!

  22. Another Fox fake news special, the only losers here is American business. Soy beans 60 billion lost, American beef and agriculture might not ever recover from this. Seafood and losbter being sold cents on the dollar. How long will we put up with this?

  23. These two are White supremacists..

  24. Don’t buy China products and don’t sell any to China. US can be self reliant and such a great economic world member and a peace leader by selling arms to everyone including terrorist. US is indifferent to anyone and everyone so long as there’s money to be made.

  25. This is the wrong time to attack china. We need to pay down our national debt
    toward china before we cet ties!!

  26. Watch it they may try to attack us and nucke us ! Don't hurt them it's not right

  27. Wall Street is capitalizing on letting China harvest the fruit of our democracy. China is criminally sucking out of this nation wealth that resides in our consumer markets that was built up by blue collar manufacturing jobs. China is stealing from the intellectual creativity which comes from our freedoms, our law, order and sense of justice for which our patent laws protect and nourished. China is stealing our markets using the lie Wall Street invented "free market", the building of our markets were not free they took generations and protected innovations which Wall Street wants to make a quick buck from using China's criminal business practices, not to mention China's stated goal of global dominance. Make no mistake, if unchecked Wall Street will sell our birth right for a mess of pottage.

  28. China inventing things that US never dreamed of🤣

  29. Americans opinion is of NO VALUE to the world. Just ignore the low life.

  30. Good. Maybe more manufacturing jobs will come back to the United States and we'll have real jobs again.

  31. If you or I underestimate the Chinese,
    it doesn't make any difference.
    But if our government underestimates the Chinese,
    we're all gonna get f__ked.

  32. The only visible effect Chinese people can see today is rise of pork price. But that is due to the stock virus, not trade war.

  33. When I found US even can't ban weapons. I know US could do nothing but rob people and world's money and export war. Oh yeah, I forget the dangerous stock market bubles. Good luck to greedy land.

  34. if we have to settle into the log game we need to retool the farmers to grow more for internal USA use and less export. We have not been trading with China forever. Late 70's early 80's so we do know how to keep America strong.

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