China is teaming up with Russia on a $55B fuel pipeline

Fox News senior strategic analyst and retired four-star General Jack Keane discusses international headlines, including China and Russia working together, the NATO summit and this week’s London attack.

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  1. Lol old news look at her looking at her notes haha these "news" networks are all a joke I love watching you babys and clowns get in your feelings lol

  2. End of the begining for the United Snakes Of Zionism empire.

  3. So Americans award 4 stars to a complete idiot? Good system of identification of morons.

  4. Are you not ashamed to have a job that does fear…mongering … telling lies and making accusation in an attempt to demonize China and Russia in the minds of Americans.. are desperate to create enemies around the World… the propagandist .. should have been ashamed that Beijing was insulted by the foolishness in HK… informed people know the Protests are not justified…US News is a propaganda machine.

  5. NATO will soon blow itself out by USA and UK cooperation after brexit done.

  6. The more USA sanctions other countries, which are sovereign and should have the RIGHTS to trade with any other countries, the more USA will isolate itself. EU, BRICS, ME and African countries are working on trading without USD and not going through USA banking systems. Stop meddling in other countries, USA has enough domestic problems at home, like the daily shooting cases.

  7. Hong Kong is all about matters local to the Island not China. Under British rule Chinese could not vote for 100 years they have freedom the vote. The CIA is agitating through NGO's proven fact it is not a genuine anti China protest the goal create trouble if we're lucky we steal the HK stock exchange.

  8. NATO buys US weapons with US loans that's why it exists.

  9. 2 Countries Production and Resource rich Russia the technology leaders of the world. China with millions of University graduates. They cover 2/3 of the world easy access to every country on earth. Not squandering their wealth on Wars for Israel unlike Jewmerica a pariah state on the verge of total financial collapse financing every terrorist on earth. The loser Jewmerica.


  11. America's the last place on earth where brains were given out, hence the reason for their stupidity and this man is a classic example of this!

  12. come to mainland china?😂😂all the people in mainland china want to send troops!😂😂

  13. Not China and Russia fault

  14. Petrol Dollar is under siege. War is inevitable when Iraq dumped the usd.

  15. Where the hell is Greta? How dare they.

  16. The General is talking about Hong Kong…
    What does Hong Kong have to do with this pipeline?

  17. Syrian Democratic what??????

  18. Soon america will be licking the boots of putin and tge chinese leader. Because trump can t deal with otger leaders we will suffer greatly. Dump trump.

  19. Jack you are a liar. Russia does not have a significant military capability. Russia does have a better military capability 40% ahead of the United States. They proved that in Syria, Vietnam and in the cold war. Currently wherever Russia military intervenes when there is a US military operation there is failure on the part of the US operation. So what do you mean by significant military capability Jack?

  20. I've listened to jack over and over within the past year. He is one of the many out there who is very ignorant on international policy and affairs. Jack, let me be clear ,the only threat to USA is USA itself. How can Russia be a threat when its within a democratic agenda to impeach a president huh. Had it not been this impeachment evil theory, Trump could have taken America afar to a more better country.

  21. When I hear senior US analysts ignorantly ranting that a major threat to America is Russia it makes me questions the essence of being an educated diplomat. How can Russia be a threat when we have countries less than 100 miles to USA currently having bad blood with the United States. The truth is Venezuela is more a threat to USA than Russia. China is more a threat to USA than Russia and one greatest threat to USA is nothing other than US internal politics. This is constantly driving the nation aback. This disease is more threatening than all the worst threat combined.

  22. China we the AMERICAN PEOPLE cares not a fig with whom you team up with go to Hell,

  23. NATO must pay USA for protection.

  24. What would happen if Russia joined NATO?

  25. What would happen if Russia joined NATO?

  26. What would happen if Russia joined NATO?

  27. What in the world is happening? When China Russia join business deal, USA said it's a threat. And when USA sign bill to hk, that's what they call a good deal… I think it's going upside down, it's like USA killing millions of Arabs is legal to do so.

  28. Free ISIS detainees, the treatment of American against these people are the worst genocide after the genocide against native American.

  29. The man who killed thousands of Vietnamese out of nothing is still having voice… FANTASTIC

  30. Why did the US feel that authoritarian states are bad? China and Russia are not North Korea. China is not the China during Mao Tse Tung period. They have progressed tremendously. They have even better infrastructure than the US. They aren't not war monger like the US. They have election too, but it is done differently from those held in democractic countries. They have village election, county election, province elections. The party leader is not elected by the people, but by the provincial heads.

  31. Do they have a lot of Generals like this? Wow!
    It will be trouble, a lot of trouble.
    For the Americans.

  32. Im still surprise that FOX is also reporting on this!, U.S! COLLABORATION NO SUBORDINATION FOR THE WORLD!

  33. All talk between China and Russia 😏, I will believe when I see the billions start rolling in lol

  34. Why invite this war monger in your network.

  35. General is a general, he will never admit that NATO is ineffectual Organization plagued by bureaucracy, in EU NATO members will not march against Russia, French and Germans learned in the past that this is not a good business, male population gets decimated, and in case they need to repair some of the damage, it takes a decade also for a order abiding general to find his way home. All the palabra is channeled to secure US armament industry sales…

  36. I'm not all for Russia and China but i'm all for a counter Power to keep western countries un check

  37. Authoritarian regime have President change every 10 years? Chinese Communist party is not what most people perceived to be.

  38. Great, China and Russia are finally showing that the world can exist without imperialist america. All nations should follow suit and do their thing without this silly 😈 america interfering.

  39. Why is fox news so stupid talk as if Trump will never leave office

  40. Jack Keane
    sounds like communist party propagandist during Soviet Union

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