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China to be removed from currency manipulator list: Report

FOX Business’ Edward Lawrence reports on the impact of the trade war with China on the U.S. economy ahead of the signing of phase one of the trade deal and China’s being removed from the official list of currency manipulators.

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  1. Looks like old Trumpie is fixing his own messes for the election year. Good thing his sheep are too stupid to see it…

  2. what does it even mean to be on the list?

  3. Look how pissed these people are that Trump got a deal with the Chinese. "Oh, they are going to cheat on it anyway"

  4. .Trump. .2020. .Save. .are. .Guns. and. .Freedom.

  5. A source in China 👀🧐🤨🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  6. Winnie the pooh is adorable

  7. The economy will start growing like no other, here in the US. Mark my words

  8. Stanley and TTI are doing just fine too. Right. Those are manufacturers #1 & #2 in the world. Right. United states is #1 and China #2. Right. Costco is #1 and home depot is #2. In the world. Right. Bravo awards to all. Excellent educational video. Right.

  9. This is ridiculous. You can't compare to a low number. Stocks fluctuate and just because it's high doesn't mean it'll remain high. Follow the trends and give an average you shits!

  10. Trusting those dirty CCP pigs again?! Have we learnt nothing?!

  11. Rich people stay rich. Yup, sounds about republican .

  12. What's Winnie the Pooh doing in the thumbnail?

  13. That’s just what they expected you to do.

  14. Everyone has 2 jobs just to live… but the dows up 20percents. Shitty jobs for everyone

  15. the deal is bilateral agreement in the globalization era. i think other nations will be affected negativity by the deal

  16. What a joke! When China does manipulate markets, why in the world would we sign any agreement stating otherwize? Not to mention intellectual copyrighting, human right abuse, etc etc….

  17. So, China is still a currency manipulator … China just wants to lie about it to save face.

  18. Shouldn't China stop manipulating currency first?

  19. If quantitative easing isn't currency manipulation, then I don't know what is.

  20. I'm surprised that comments are not disabled by YouTube in order to protect their favorite communist dictatorship. China is not just a currency manipulator, they manipulate and lie about every possible thing they can. If the USA pulled out of China, they would collapse. Praying for a free Hong Kong 🙏

  21. I think @GreyStillPlay is really chinese leader

  22. Chinese people and media actually love Trump. Swear to god.

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