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China’s Uighur Crisis: When Muslims Are Abused, The World Turns A Blind Eye | Think | NBC News

An estimated 1 million Muslim Uighurs are currently detained in brutal detention camps in China’s Xinjiang region. Human rights lawyer Arsalan Iftikhar joined THINK to discuss the world’s tepid response to a massive humanitarian crisis.
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China’s Uighur Crisis: When Muslims Are Abused, The World Turns A Blind Eye | Think | NBC News


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  1. soon China will become a target of revenge for all Muslims country (?). boom.. its smell likes war will start..

  2. Why always Muslims, any where in the world ?

  3. save Muslim Uighur, play for Muslim Uighur, I am an anonymous Muslim who will attack the entire web site and we will block the satellites that you have, don't be like the Israelis we have attacked before ..
    this is the last warning

  4. We Indonesians are very angry with the Chinese government, in Indonesia the majority are 90% Muslim and we really appreciate any religious community, we love tolerance. I hope this incident will stop as soon as possible and give Muslims the "Uighurs" freedom to worship and carry out daily life without any restrictions from any party.


  5. maybe if Islam is evil and radical, it is certain that they will retaliate but unfortunately their religion does not, teach for revenge, reconcile my world to stop disputes because only different beliefs I am a Muslim, you are Christian, Catholic, Buddhist, Jewish, we are brothers, only our beliefs are different,

  6. Not only in china,Rohingnya,palestine,iraq,syiria,india,and othet,muslim minority have many diskriminatif.what their fault?

  7. A lesson to All.
    Never Bite the Hand that Feeds.
    Specially the Hand that also protects.

  8. imran khan is weak he won't help Muslims he only helps Pakistanis

  9. Mao Jinping should be arrested and put into solitary confinement.

    Communist expect everyone to be "the same". That communist need to be STOP.

  11. Nothing is going to happen nobody is going to step up against the red dragon so ultimately they will do what they want and China is socialist so the other countries support them

  12. china,myanmar vs uighur muslim.


  14. I love how everyone hates the U.S.; then brings up the U.S. as if it should fix issues outside the U.S.

  15. So Muslims are being treated like how they treat non-Muslims in their home countries… sucks for them.

  16. Muslims don't care about other adherents illegally detained. All they care about is attacking Israel because they can't bear the idea of religious diversity in the middle east.

  17. The US Federal Government now formally recognizes the Armenian Genocide. Concentration camps were invented by Turks, for use in exterminating Christian populations.

  18. Message to China: close down Uyghur concentration camps immediately and stop sending ethnic Han men to sleep in the same room with Uyghur women while the their husbands are imprisoned. We are aware of your severe human rights abuses and will not tolerate them

  19. I think Chinese gov follow Modi oppression ways. So both of are need to stop executing oppression on muslims.

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