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Chris Broussard: Patrick Ewing is 'one of the top 10 centers of all time' | FOX SPORTS

Chris Broussard shares why you kids just don’t know how good Knicks legend Patrick Ewing was.

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Chris Broussard: Patrick Ewing is ‘one of the top 10 centers of all time’ | FOX SPORTS

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  1. Where would you rank Patrick Ewing among the all-time great players?

  2. Ewing is so disrespected

  3. I always said the Knicks should trade for Mitch Richmond and they would of won a title or two

  4. Ewing lost to Indiana with three 7 footers guarding him

  5. Thank You…He certainly was

  6. Can we get 1 on The Dream next?

  7. Kareem

  8. Hes the best center not to win a title so hes probably number 8

  9. Most that complain about him never really saw him play live. That missed shot, Ewing was gassed. He had given his all and his knees weren't the best. The Knicks would go after big name players who were a little past their prime.

    I'd rock a pair of Ewings! I also remember going to the old Garden sitting way up top where all the smoke went…. 50cent GO card days…..

  10. Ewing was no joke…..but MJ era means you will get overlooked…brotha still had some quality shoes

  11. Ewing never played with a second star

  12. ⛹🏾‍♂️thank you Chris!!!✌🏾💪🏾

  13. I always thought Ewing was a second tier center…behind Shaq, David Robinson, and Hakeem…all three of those centers won MVPs and titles

  14. Jamaican man dat….Patrick Ewing!!!

  15. Yes he rounds out the top ten sitting at the ten spot.a big man with not enough ruthless agression to defeat the likes of hakeem olajuwon or his rival michael jordan when it mattered most and i doubt that he could have made a difference for the knicks in the 99 finals against the twin towers of robinson and duncan .so yes he sits at the ten spot for talent but not enough heart will or mindset to get the job done .

  16. I'm a celtics fan but Ewing is my favorite player if all time

  17. 1. Abdul-Jabbar
    2. O'Neal
    3. Olajuwon
    4. Russell
    5. Chamberlain
    6. M. Malone
    7. Robinson
    8. Ewing

  18. Yes P.E is one of the top 10 centers of all time he had the best 10 to 15 foot jumpshot as a center

  19. It is not a conspiracy theory. That lottery WAS rigged. And I a am NYer. But let's be honest here. I'll be honest about sth else, too. Ewing DID choke in some BIG situations. That's just a fact. He was still GREAT…but I am not unobjective, like MJ fans, for example.

  20. That draft was clearly rigged. The NBA is mad shady.

  21. I think Patrick Ewing and reggie Miller never played with a HOF

  22. Ewing suffered a knee injury pretty early in his career. He was still elite after it but not quite what he was before it. Before the knee issue he was debated as being right there with Hakeem and Robinson. 1990 was Ewing’s peak I’d say.


  24. Chris you made history…like our favourite Patrick..hahaha..Bravo

  25. Dam, he was a great player..

  26. MJ destroyed the great players of the 90s. THAT is the reason why Patrick does not have a ring.

  27. His fade was weak though.

  28. Warrior favourite big man

  29. No one need to tell me Patrick is a great, I've seen his career so I know what a talent he was. The problem with the young generation is that they lack knowledge of past players they have never seen them play, never seen videos of them, don't know their stats, don't even know what team they played for but some how they think their unknowledgeable opinion of the player is correct. The level of disrespect in unbelievable I've read a comment where one said Larry Bird will be like JJ Reddick in today's NBA😋🤣🤣. Guess these youngsters will never know. Finally Patrick is top 10 center of All time as well as the greatest Knicks ever.

  30. My Top 10 Centers
    1. Wilt
    2. Kareem
    3. Russel
    4. Shaq
    5. Olajuwon
    6. Ewing
    7. Robinson
    8. Malone
    9. Dawkins
    10. Mutombo/Yao

  31. Glad to see Patrick Ewing get some love. He is an all time great that doesn’t get enough credit for how great he was.

  32. Shaq BR WC Hakeem Moses Malone Kareem David Robinson Patrick Ewing Dave cowens and willis Reed round out my top 10 no order centers

  33. That Celtics dynasty ended when Bird's back gave out, 2 years earlier!

    Hakeem Olajuwon led the rockets to the chip over Ewing, with Otis Thorpe as his best player.

    When Nick Wright tried to point out how sorry Ewing's teammates were, in an attempt to expose how few great teams the Bulls had to go through; Broussard bragged about how many all stars Starks, Oakley and Doc Rivers had played in.

  34. People forget this guy went toe to toe with Olajuwon. They were very close. They went to game 7 to decide who is better. But still Ewing is a great player. I’ll place him just behind Olajuwon and ahead of Robinson.

  35. Not buying any ewings but broussard came with facts

  36. Im still going to blame Jordan!

  37. Well he just happened to play against MJ and have a lay up miss that could not go more wrong. Otherwise he would have probably gotten a title.

  38. Not kids old fools like colon cowhead who is a hata

  39. Lol Chris Broussard be using ‘cool’ words to attract more people

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