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Chris Brown Crashes Jake Paul House Party After Refusing Boxing Match

Chris Brown Crashes Jake Paul House Party After Refusing Boxing Match

Jake Paul throws a big party and you won’t believe who showed up. Plus – We know who Jake’s new boxing opponent may be.
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Rihanna, 31, doesn’t mind her ex Chris Brown‘s compliments on her Instagram pics and in fact, it’s helping to make her feel good. The singer recently took to the social media site to show off an incredibly sexy pic of herself flaunting lingerie, and 30-year-old Chris couldn’t help but respond by calling her “QUEEN” and asking for new music. The action seems to indicate that Chris still pays attention to the “Umbrella” crooner and despite their tumultuous past, she’s perfectly okay with that.

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Chris Brown Crashes Jake Paul House Party


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  1. Lady really thinks she blacked out because of drugs😒😅. There’s more than one way to cause you to black out she probably was dehydrated.

  2. Jake is such a BITCH it actually pisses me off

  3. Jake Paul: Almost looses to Deji
    Also Jake Paul: Nobody can beat me expect my brother

  4. Who's fault is it drinking drinks they didn't make themselves dumbass girls that's number 1 rule at a party

  5. Jake literally had nothing to do with the drugs. It happens all the time, out of control

  6. I hope Jake dont fight him that boy just want clout

  7. My uncle was security for the party!!❤️😭

  8. "I throw rangers" Jake you're a fucking idiot

  9. Ur voice is annoyinng

  10. he said I can beat ksi but not his brother but not even he could beat ksi😂😂

  11. Man what you expect ladies. You'll going just to chill haha. These people got money, and you got some p_$$y. Haha

  12. 0:42 seconds in tana kissing jake btw

  13. Wasn’t that “fire dept” exposed to be a fake page, who has now deleted it? C’mon guys…

  14. Watch your back Chris Brown the system is out to destroy and take your money with framing deceitful and deceptive behaviors. The Black man takedown is real so watch your back. DPitts

  15. Janacon should be easy

  16. Did Jake say he could beat any YouTuber with one hand? That's a little ironic seeing as he almost got dummied by Deji and he is way smaller and weaker than ksi. Jake needs a reality check. Dude thinks he's invincible 😄

  17. Love this news channel!! Crazy party! I also have a youtube channel. Goal is to hit 500 subscribers. Any support would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  18. I’m so jealous I wish I was there😭

  19. I got to stay home from school today

  20. He stayed at the party for like 5 min, he only came to wish desiigner a happy birthday

  21. Holy shit, get a better microphone and a less annoying voice

  22. I'm so tired of that little girl cardi

  23. "My BoXiNg CaReEr Is OvEr"😭😭😭

  24. Brad will get his ass beat by jake paul

  25. Browns gonna end up in prison or dead he won't learn

  26. he looks like such a fuckin tool. How is he not embarrassed to look like such a pathetic loser?

  27. This interesting yall yooo!

  28. Tell Logan Paul to fight 50 Cent

  29. So there were drugs at a party…no way

  30. Did Jake know that Chris Brown was there? Did they meet??

  31. Its a party. A Mansion party. Shit happens

  32. "He don't want the smoke, he's soft".

    Chris Brown will beat his ass stop acting like Chris Brown ain't bout that life. Chris is like tupac mix with mj. After he get done beating yo ass he gon moon walk out that bitch. PERIODTTT!!?

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