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Chris Brown In Jail After Rehab Hookup

Chris Brown In Jail After Rehab Hookup

Chris Brown is in jail again for being kicked out of rehab after an alleged inappropriate relationship with a female staff member. Subscribe! http://bit.ly/10cQZ5j

Starring Chloe Melas

Produced & Directed by @ginoorlandini


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  1. This exactly what happens when people put celebrities on a pedestal and forget their actually are human too

  2. Chris, sweeti, u need to grow up…

  3. Who is the girl he had sex with I wanna know

  4. Chris brown is amazingly talented. I really hope and pray that God, and his angels are around him during this difficult time.

  5. Chris Brown is going through a lot but,we all need to pray for him to follow the light to a better life,seek the Creator of all things for help.Love and Peace

  6. I do not care get out his life it him not you so why y'all care give him some space like for real

  7. I don't care wat she say just be who u are Chris Brown if we were marred i will say be who u are don't think wat those people say.And I Love

  8. I dont get why you don't bash on other celebrities, but you do it on justin.

  9. it will be hard for him to get ou of this mess!!  illuminati is killing him slowly !!

  10. Lol that's so funny n stupid if its true… Like really to goto jail over sum mad house puss would be ridiculous…. like Justin Bieber and him seem like twins when it comes to public image. Haha although Chris Brown can actually sing n dance wayyy better and Justin Bieber is worth more. Haha in any case who cares Rich ppls problems is all I'm seeing here

  11. He is not going to jail .. last night he was in the studio recording a single …. go check out instagram F*cking liars!!!

  12. These stupid stars are to fukin rich! They need to be humbled! GROW UP!

  13. THE PROBLEM WITH CHIRS BROWN HE IS AMAZINGLY TALENTED BUT THE GUY IS SERIOUSLY STUPID AND IMMATURE. and that has caused him alot of problems hes just not a smart guy and he like a child has no impulse control he just does and reacts………..SAD

  14. Yes for sure he is immature and needs to calm himself down

  15. That probably was why he was kicked out

  16. Noooo hes the best singer out there

  17. Oh man. I hope he gets out and I hoped everyone forgave him for hurting Rhianna.

  18. im sad 🙁 he's my favorite singer so i don't wish him any bad fortune. I want him to be good with everyone and to live his life

  19. It's gonna be hard for him to get out of real jail time at this point. He might go away for a while like Lil Wayne had to. Yikes!

  20. First comment yay! And Chris brown been being bad often and I think he got kick because he was all bad and he been in jail 2 times now

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