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Christina Milian Gets Into Huge Fight In The Studio

Christina Milian Gets Into Huge Fight In The Studio

Christina Milian gets in the middle of a huge fight on her new reality show ‘Turned Up.’

Starring Christina Milian

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  1. I do get where the dj is coming from. it looked like they were playing around. and if you really want somethin you got to be serious. guess it wasn't meant to be 😬😬

  2. Wish i was given that opportunity 🤷🏽‍♀️ I’m very respectful

  3. Lol ceraadi said they were acting. It wasn’t even real.

    I remember they got a lot backlash on twitter after this episode 😩😩😩😩😂😂😂😂

  4. Now i love me some ceeradi

  5. Lmao EGO! Said by this irrelevant girl

  6. they called out her daughter but her mom is wrong for sticking up for them? Lmao ok

  7. How u let your people talk to teenagers like that? Not everything is that seriously .

  8. Christina is a stupid ass bitch bro lmao. On god

  9. This man was wayyyy out of line. The girls in the studio seemed green and like they were just having fun and he got slick like he was having a bad day and took it out on the teenagers… it sounds like the girl was whispering it and he heard her so that’s how you know she wasn’t trying to come crazy 🙄 then their mom( also their manager) set him straight for talking crazy. Christina should’ve checked him for getting disrespectful but nope…. Milan expected them to kiss her ass and be on her the whole studio session?? 🤔

  10. Lol Christina Milian ??? Who tf she, didn’t her career die ages ago?? #CERAADIGANG

  11. that dude in the red sounds like a bitch

  12. It was really a joke and he insulted them because he got butt hurt

  13. They weren’t wasting his time, they should be serious but at the same time it should also be a little fun and he had no right to say that. Imo he started it

  14. Lol he said Christina like she's still relevant

  15. did ceraadi ever say anything about this or make a vid about it??

  16. The title is deff misleading. Christina just stood there looking lost and dumb asf

  17. Ceraadi (the girl group) said so themselves that this show is scripted, they had to "act" that way. Reality TV shows are a joke !

  18. Let's be clear Christina hasn't had a career in years so get over yourself ain't nobody checking for you Otis

  19. why did she even say "I'm here putting my career on the line and my reputation" like didn't that died in 2008???? She hasn't made any hits since then I'm just saying that, and btw check out the girls channel ceraadi because they're actually really good people

  20. Regardless if Christina's music get huge buzz she still is a big name and has huge connections. She knows hustle. I recently discovered the girls channel and liked them a lot and thought I knew them from somewhere Now I see this pop up on my feed and just makes me not like them 😩

  21. Not just that but their mom hella said who do you guys work with, like better question who have your daughters worked with

  22. I think their mom was immature. If she wanted her daughters dreams to come true she would make sure they'd stay humble, and also not try to press anything with the producer. Like if her daughter was humble and didn't say anything then the producer wouldn't have had to say anything like wtf. It could've been good for ceraadi but I think their mom let egos get to their heads

  23. what's the big deal it's only music

  24. always some dumb ghetto bitch acting like she a somebody when that bitch ain't worth shit reminds me of my first BM straight trash ass bitch

  25. Drama. . . drama. . . Drama! ! !.

  26. "Huge Fight" you guys are fucking white.

  27. was the white lady Christina Milligan's mom

  28. The mom looks like a troll like her daughters – dem bitches ain't gon pop nowhere. Professionalism first… rookie ass bitches – let's talk about how stupid the group name is the fuck is that about? I can't stand nobodies who act like NOBODIES.

  29. The mom needs a slap in the face to humble her real quick!

  30. TIME-OUT…I think most people forgot that you're there…as in anywhere relevant. And I'm Gonna tell everybody…

  31. I hate when people try to slip BS like that mom. I'm glad he shut that sh*t down at the moment she closed her fat mouth.

  32. Hes telling the truth DONT WASTE MY TIME GET  OUT OF HERE BYE! preach on brotha!

  33. Hes real. I agree, people aint got time to waste… Period.

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