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Chuck Todd Implodes From Facts

Chuck Todd Implodes From Facts

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Chuck Todd is more concerned with being neutral than stating the facts. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down.

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“After the Republican-dominated legislature in Wisconsin passed a package of bills to strip power from the incoming Democratic governor for nakedly partisan purposes, NBC’s Meet the Press host Chuck Todd spuriously claimed that such maneuvers were not unprecedented because Democrats had done the same thing to Republican governors in the past.

There is no evidence of that — and Todd offered none.

On December 9’s Meet The Press, after detailing some of the changes that Republicans are making — in both Wisconsin and Michigan — and describing them as “a couple of end runs around the November election results,” Todd said: “Now, this has happened before in many a legislature. Democrats, in fact, have done this in the past to Republican governors in lame-duck sessions in other states.”

But Todd failed to provide a single example of Democrats taking comparable action, simply shifting to start his interview with incoming Wisconsin Gov.-elect Tony Evers.”

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. It's really hard to believe that Chuck Todd would ever let facts get in the way of his corporate propaganda crusade. Whether he's just a useful idiot, or he's a well trained and obedient lapdog, he's certainly fulfilling someone's agenda and that's clear.

  2. listen to today explained, dems did it in north carolina decades ago

  3. im glad this issue was brought to light republicans cry over make believe nonsense and the Msm doesn't call it out just to appease republicans i prefer to call a spade a spade they are calculating vile delusional psychopaths

  4. Captain False Equivalence
    Wasn't there also a recent survey that showed that in the six months leading up to the midterms that Meet the Press had overwhelmingly booked Republicans? Hence, giving them a national platform to electioneer.

  5. Wow. That was really disingenuous, Ana. Bringing up facts in one video that you won't tell people unless they are members. Keep this up, and I'll get my news information somewhere else.

  6. I did hear Todd say that and I also wondered, “When exactly did that happen?” It’s amazing that Todd would make the claim without stating an equivalent example. He lets a lot of politicians blow unsubstantiated claims by him, so maybe he thought he could do the same.

    Nice catch, TYT.

  7. TYT is beginning to be as bad as click bait with their titles or did I miss him implode? If you want a bit of knowledge start reading some of Thomas Sowell's work. Amazing man.

  8. Chuck Todd is a worthless fuckwad.

  9. TYT, although I agree with your criticism of Chuck Todd's misguided (disingenuous?) effort to be even-handed, I do think you are confused as well: being neutral does NOT mean distributing equal amounts of shame/praise to opposing parties (false equivalence), it actually means stating the facts without bias, ie. without a lens which would color the image hence rendering it non-neutral. Not to nitpick but opposing neutral and fact delivering journalism is an unhelpful non sequitur. You might yourselves be equivocating between fact-based and fact-presenting journalism: one might present the facts and stop there (neutral) or else introduce facts free of bias and proceed to build a partisan opinion based on these facts (not inherently bad, but not neutral).

  10. You mean sleepy eyes Chuck Todd from the mainstream media? He's a sleeping son of a bitch…

  11. But nobody seems interested in explaining exactly what the Republicans in Wisconsin have done to grab power. This piece says they're limiting early voting which tends to favor Democrats. Alright, but doesn't sound like a "power grab", exactly. A power grab would be something like from now on it takes a simple majority to override a gubernatorial veto. The headlines virtually everywhere are simply "Republican power grab-bad".

    But I do agree with the criticism of stating "Democrats do it too" without any supporting evidence which, according to this piece, does not exist. And in general, with the criticism that the MSM would rather be proven wrong than accused of being unbalanced, even when the truth has a liberal bias.

  12. Say it how it is! @UC1yBKRuGpC1tSM73A0ZjYjQ!

  13. Ah a classic deep state move. Give The Yucky Turds a false 100k view boost. All the while forgetting to increase the likes /dislikes appropriately.
    Class dismissed..

  14. Tyt should be fair and honest and also fact check Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

  15. I thought Chuck Todd worked for tyt? Or is that just his brother?


  17. TYT, why do you’ve only 4 likes in this video?

  18. They want to equivocate everything……just for the sake of equivocating…..strange.

  19. facts and truth (rightwingers Achilles heel)

  20. You lost me at "we are not on anyone's team"… Really, Anna? You guys care about facts like Hillary cares about Blacks.

  21. Tyt is trying to be hip with their thumbnails haha they should have a thumbnail of the arminian genocide

  22. Although I'm a faithful viewer of MSNBC, I cannot stand closeted right-wing Rethuglikkkan Chuck Todd. He doesn't belong on MSNBC.

  23. Beat it Todd ! You are not helping anything or anyone !!!!!!!!

  24. I love the screen cap of CT for the video… LOL

  25. why isnt there more coverage on the french riots/ yellow vest riots.
    does the facts even matter if you dont broadcast a range of it to make a decision from, perspective matters.

  26. This may have been mentioned already, but I recall when Obama was in office and Chuck was exiting a set (Morning Joe?) as they went to break. The camera just happened to catch him giving the finger to the monitor with Obama’s image. They had to apologize for his ass upon return. He showed his true colors.

  27. Young turks are on thr mossad payroll

  28. The stupid assumptions of medicated fuckwits is as close to an education as you can get in America.

  29. How dare she, lol. John is actually attractive, whereas Chuck is…. I guess one can have an uglier lookalike, though.

  30. Thanks for the fact check!

  31. Republicans are not Democrats. They don't have to respect the will of the people. They are authoritarians. The people are automatically wrong. A minority of rich people and their lackeys are always right. Even their farts are more right than anything a Democrat says.
    Republicanism is a belief system. If you're not a True Believer you're a heretic.

  32. Todd has always been an idiot. Does his anchoring NBC's iconic program "Meet The Press", signal a lowering of the pay scale for these retards that are able to read from a teleprompter?

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