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Clueless Hot Take From LOSER Democrat

Clueless Hot Take From LOSER Democrat

Claire McCaskill has great insight into losing elections. Adrienne Lawrence, Maytha Alhassen, and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. MORE TYT: https://tyt.com/trial

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Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Adrienne Lawrence, Maytha Alhassen

Cast: Ana Kasparian, Adrienne Lawrence, Maytha Alhassen


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  1. Claire McCaskill has great insight into losing elections. Leave a comment below.

  2. Yes it is Miss Sour Grapes.

  3. "People don't want free stuff" says the politicians when they have donors handing them money all the time.

  4. I asked this when she was hired but why did MSNBC hire someone that lost their re-election campaign to come on tv and give campaign insight? She is horrible

  5. It's not free. Our taxes pay for it, which is what I want.

  6. Things that don't poll well in the Midwest: Claire McKaskill.

  7. as soon as I hear "free stuff from the government" i think of the trillions of dollars in corporate welfare given to Wall Street after the last collapse, and the trillions given to the military industrial complex for profit; and I think, here comes a load of B.S.

  8. I agree mrs Anna. Children dying anywhere in the world is a horrible thing. It does not matter on the border in a war torn country or in the womb. It is all reprehensible

  9. Tyt is a joke

    7 year Olds in India and China have far higher IQs and sense

  10. Off course they're popular policies you brainless dolt, giving free stuff to poor people will always be popular

    Liberals are truly brain damaged lol

  11. She said nothing that was wrong

  12. Call the "pro-life" people, "forced-birth."

  13. Claire McCaskill pretends to know something we don’t. She pretends to care about the middle class with that pseudo insightful angle: middle class don’t believe they’re getting the free stuff. She probably heard that from one of her advisors even though it isn’t full accurate. Of course the working class loves free stuff because they never get free shit. Claire is acting like Republican Hillary pretending she can relate and understand the working class when she was born with a silver spoon. Another elitist hack.

  14. Anyone know what NAZI stands for probably not. Nutballs

  15. Mt. SQUADmore ——–I had this creepy dream that I was walking through New York City in one of it’s “Not so nicer neighborhood’s”. Making a left I went down this very wide street that had a number of store fronts ..and continuing down towards the end I saw many homeless on the sidewalks. These homeless were comprised of a number of races…Mainly Black and White. As I furthered down, I saw at the end of this alley what looked like a Stone “Carving” Statue of 4 individuals – From the Torso Up…It was about 40 Feet Wide and 10 Feet Tall.
    The thought hit me within a short-second….
    Is this some kind of sinister replica of Mt. Rushmore ???
    The closer I got to this “Carving” it started to become evident that the(feces-excuse me… faces of this statue) happened to be those of “The Squad”… You Know those “4 Controversial Congresswomen of Color” ??? (AOC, OMAR, TLJIAB and DAT BOON).

    Unfortunately, the above recognition only came evident to me because of the ground level “Placard” which read….”The Squad”…You see this “Carving” of “The Squad” was covered in Human Feces and Urine and “Other Pestilent Excrements”. Most likely from those Homeless residents, real, legal, true born citizens of the USA who are down and out.This “Defecation-Representation" was to send a message to these Anti-American, Pro Radical Liberal, Progressive, Socialist-Communists…..That if you want to give free healthcare and perpetual handouts to those “Illegal Alien Mother Fuckers” from all of those “Turd World Sewage RAT infested Shithole countries”….And that includes ALL OF THEM !!!! Instead of “Helping Those within your Borders”!!!!!!!!!….This Proves that “THE SQUAD” is not only COVERED IN SHIT…..But FULL OF SHIT !!!!!!!!

  16. I agree – she's another 1980s Republican

  17. I love how Ana emphasizes ‘Missouri’ at the beginning

  18. Those who want all of the free stuff are the ones who have nothing to give. Nothing to lose. Just beggars with their hands out waiting for someone to make their lives better.

  19. People aren't asking for free stuff. They are asking for their taxes to be invested in improving their own health, education, and general welfare. Anyone who tries to argue that this is unfair, or uneconomical, or not what government is for, is unfit to represent you.

  20. She a 🦆 just waiting for her to become republican or is she going to stay enemy from with in.

  21. Just cannot get over how MSNBC justifies re-hiring a proven liar… Williams is guilty of a kind of stolen valor. So, how can he, with a straight face, call Trump a liar? Trump is just a better one than this clown. They do not need his services to bash Bernie non stop, bash Tulsi Gabbard non stop, defend Kamala Harris non stop. Plenty of stooges already on staff.

  22. So everyone who is conservative or moderate is a loser? Take a look in the mirror someday and come to grips with who the real fanatics are.

  23. To quote the famous philosophers, Hall & Oates,” She’s Outta Touch”

  24. I agree with the point of the video, but please don’t feed into Trumpism by calling her a LOSER. Have a little more decency. Bad look TYT.. bad look

  25. Most Americans don't pay any federal tax


  27. The democratic debates have been freaking hilarious as the anti-American candidates all try to out-communist each other. Should be an easy victory for Trump in 2020. Keep up the outstanding work, Mr. President! We've got your back, Sir!

  28. "Free stuff" in the Midwest… two words 'Farm Bill'.

  29. this woman voted with my crappy republican senator more than she did with democrats, can we stop giving her a mic?

  30. What the fack is she talking about. Was any of that correct?

  31. Extry! Extry Old man assaulted at Trump protest yesterday.

  32. Pretty sure I heard that Claire McCaskill actually identifies as a sack of shit.

  33. She was right about the last part, but her conclusion and analysis was totally wrong!
    Obama and Democratic centrists are the reason people decided to throw the grenade (Trump) into the system!
    The answer is not centrism or right wing fascism, it's Democratic Socialism and you can't admit it!
    She must be a right winger at heart, because she lacks sense of irony and self reflection!

  34. McCaskill is a dumbass. M4All would not be “free”, it would be paid for by tax. Paying $150-200/month in tax for healthcare sure beats paying $800-1000/month to private insurance. Why do they keep coming up with these “free” arguments when surely they know better? Bought by special interests maybe?

  35. I am on SS Disability for mental health reasons and I still have people saying that I don't deserve it, but I worked for 30+ years for that measly amount that I get each month. What people don't realize is that I cannot even live on my own with what I get because it is less than minimum wage if I were working a full time job AND I cannot get food stamps because I get too much for that, but yet still not enough to live on by myself. I have to live with family just to survive. It is a damn shame in this country that is supposedly the wealthiest in the world that there are homeless people and others struggling just to make ends meet and so many requirements to get assistance. Whatever happened to helping your neighbors and treating others like you want to be treated? And it is mainly the Christian Right and the leaders they elect who are behind this selfishness.

  36. John Delacey has a sexier smile than Claire McCaskill. However I still can't get it up.

  37. I spoke to a lady yesterday, who is on Social Security Disability $941 after Medicare Premium, $135.50 and $50 for prescription drugs, her rent is $880 and she gets $15 a month in food stamps! because her income is over SGA! It's a damn shame! What the hell can you buy that will last you a whole month with $15!


  39. She's fuckin' right. They want to give illegals free healthcare. Meanwhile Americans don't have free healthcare.

  40. I love that tagline "Election loser gives election advice." Hahaha, genius! Whoever writes that shit deserves a raise, TYT!

  41. Claire McCaskill- Fiscal Conservative for middle class Americans. Spendthrift Conservative for corporations and the upper class.

  42. I Wonder if the YOUNG TURDS are going to do ONE…Just ONE commentary that the RACIST Piece of Black Shit Congressman, Elijah Cummings, had his home Burglarized in Baltimore, Maryland. Oh yeah…Baltimore, Maryland is 80% Black. The Government is controlled by Blacks. Can't blame Whitey. What is that Young Turds? Does not fit your narrative again? Oh thought so.

  43. Every one I know litterally everybody i know in my family. Friends coworkers. Some who are die hard trump supporters. Support bernies Medicare 4 all plan.

  44. Well maybe its the term "free" healthcare then; Medicare for all is not free, but it would be built upon a "system" for all. This system would need flexibility and adaptability.

  45. Pretend Democrat Claire McCaskill uses right-wing talking points really well.

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