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CNN Publishes ANOTHER Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Hit Piece


CNN and Jake Tapper love to mislead the public about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, Nomi Prins, and Jayar Jackson hosts of The Young Turks, break it down.

Read more here: https://www.cnn.com/2018/09/18/politics/alexandria-ocasio-cortez-tapper/index.html

“Tapper pressed, noting correctly that he didn’t ask why she believed in making the investments she supports but rather how she would pay for them. Ocasio-Cortez then responded with this: ‘Well, when you look again at, again, how our health care works, currently, we pay — much of these costs go into the private sector. So what we see is, for example, a year ago, I was working downtown in a restaurant. I went around and I asked, how many of you folks have health insurance? Not a single person did, because these — they were paying — they would have had to pay $200 a month for — for a payment for insurance that had an $8,000 deductible.’

Ocasio-Cortez is making the case that if government took over more aspects of peoples’ lives currently controlled by private industry, costs would go down on things like health insurance. So the $40 trillion price tag for her programs would be less.”

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, Nomi Prins, Jayar Jackson

Cast: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, Nomi Prins, Jayar Jackson


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  1. It’s not misleading, Jake Tapper just didn’t do his math right.

  2. Even CNN knows an idiot when they see one , unless they are looking in a mirror. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is as dumb as a bag of dick hair. And that's a FACT that matters !

  3. CNN and the remainder of the establishment media are a joke and detached from the needs of the people, the establishment believes that any act committed here and abroad in any country, whether it's genocide or singular murder should be condoned in the pursuit of profit. We as rational people must stand up to this "break away" corporate civilization that believes their money and supposed power gives them a right to act criminally throughout the world we must draw a line and reassert our universal laws and bring them to heal.

  4. jumped in, thumbs down, jumped out

  5. Lmao at the left eating itself.

  6. Been a while since I watched a TYT video… I see their comment section still gets astro-turfed by bots. Maybe a few humans getting paid, too?
    The Tapper approach is starkly pro-corporate, anti-progressive. The figures are mixed and matched from different sources making them unreliable for comparison and useless for any real discussion of the matter. It's further misleading by having figures x10 to represent a decade, but to try not to mention too much that these numbers aren't in comparison to a YEARLY budget, but should be compared to a DECADE long budget. At which point they become fairly trivial compared to a lot of the wasteful spending done now and the extensive handouts given to corporations and the absurdly rich. Stop giving out obscene amounts of money to people who don't now nor ever will need it, and instead help regular US citizens — us lowly commoners who do all the actual work in the country — so that we can have a secure life and be able to take a bigger part in guiding this country.
    But that's precisely what the super wealthy in power don't want — to give up any of their stolen power back to the citizens. Perhaps Tapper is nothing more than a tool, though he's smart enough that I believe he's a willing tool making his own share of wealth, but in either case I've been noticing that CNN is trying to present itself as more radical right-wing friendly by making jokes during a segment about an alleged rape, and having panels where there are more hardcore right-wing propagandists than neutral or even left-wing speakers, and of those neutral or left wing speakers some usually stay completely silent while the propagandists spread their message of falsehoods. And of course the hosts never interrupt to at least bring the "conversation" back to civility or to fact check the obvious lies. For all I know, once the camera is off Tapper he might be playing a game on his phone. It's almost as though they're doing their best to play right into Trump's accusations while at the same time undermining any sort progressive news and information.

  7. Sooo TyT is admitting that CNN is fake news?

  8. The money came out the Social Security fund for Bush wars. Borrowed. They do not want to pay us back, even though the Constitution requires repayment of government debt.

  9. Capitalism is an epic fail. Proof: the first thing successful capitalists buy is socialism for themselves.

  10. I unsubscribed to CNN… they have more Trump Flying Monkeys than FUX.


  12. Universal healthcare is not socialism. It is a social issue part of a democratic nation. Educate yourself, socialism is another ballpark where the free market becomes obsolete and the corporations all get controled by the government. You drank to much of the venezuela koolaid you derps.

  13. first you say tapper is sexist because he asks ocasio-cortez hard questions. then you admit they do the same to bernie. wtf? 🤷🏻‍♂️

  14. asking her questions isn’t attacking her. although, it’s clearly too much to expect her to be able to answer. she’s an idiot but to be fair, socialism is a really difficult idea to defend.


  16. Both the US and Canadian Govts spend the same ammount per capita on health care. Canada has universal health care, America has an industry that generates massive donations to politicians…

  17. Wait a minute. Jake has been just as critical on the trump administration on… well just about everything. To the point that i am actually bored to listen to him. It's always the same anti trump administration anti conservativr talk all the time. To say that he is only attacking progressives is a gross misrepresentation.

  18. Broke ass , ignorant people voting for Republicans who would throw them to the streets in a heartbeat

  19. Communism promises power to the people then when they are in power they screw the people and steal everything for themselves. That’s what the end game is. It’s about money and power and nothing else

  20. cortez couldve of gave him the young turks answer if it was true.. but shes and idiot and rambled on nonsense lol

  21. Billions for Bombs
    Pennies for Books

  22. Walmart, Amazon, Big Oil, these are communists. Taking wealth of the people for private profits

  23. Socialism helps people
    Communism helps corporations and themselves, sound familiar?

  24. Cenk asserts that CNN who backed Hillary Clinton for president, doesnt like AOC because they are sexist?

  25. Cenk fails at even the basics the GDP has gone up 4.2% that means these corporations which "we have just given trillions to" have actually given trillions back and created more money out of "nothing".

    If he wants AOC to stop being asked about her budget proposals why doesn't she (or her team) put a budget together, work out what the tax would have to be and what she can afford? She can publish this and then quote from it whenever she gets asked questions about it.
    Makes you wonder why she doesn't…

  26. CNN and TYT lie! They want to RAISE taxes and reduce jobs.

  27. Don't bring gender and race into it when you one minute later say that they treat Bernie Sanders the same way.

  28. What I can’t understand is why a lot of people are against free or at least less expensive education, more affordable healthcare for everyone and better wages, do these people want do die sooner, broke and dumb or what ? Why are they so sure is not gonna work? It does work since is working for other countries, and can we just be smart enough to try it to see if it does before we oppose it? Who are these people who are against themselves?

  29. I don’t think anyone has used the term “welfare queen” since the 90’s

  30. She's a sellout she endorses Cuomo shame on her

  31. If Putin really wants to bankrupt America maybe he should back Ocasio-Cortez.

  32. You guys downgraded your Nomis

  33. Not trying to drain the swamp trying to drain United States pockets

  34. I'm seriously curious about those taxation polls. Can anyone send me a link?

  35. The same people who tell us we can't give poor people food stamps to keep them from starving, because that would be socialism, are also the same people pointing out that people in Venezuela are starving because of socialism.
    Am I the only one who fails to make any sense of this?

  36. YES!!! An actual statistician!!! Have Nomi Prins on more, please!!!

  37. thank you Cenk for your public service to the world

  38. 2:50
    Jake asked a direct question and Cortez did not answer it.
    He gets to call her out for it.

    Cenks articulate response of sneering, cackling and imitating Jake by repeating his words with the inflection a child uses in teasing another child so they can ignore the point made.

    I'm not sure you know how journalism works but this is not a hit piece, it was another cringey Alexandria Cortez interview where she was unable to answer softball questions. How could she not be prepared to answer the questions for the policy she is stumping for, interview after interview before you guys stop lying to misinform the public and your viewers?

    Who is stuffing your pockets to make up Bullshit?
    People are polling for more taxes?
    In America?
    TYT are living in a fantasy or a panel of Shills.

  39. A hit piece? Heaven forbid anyone should criticize the darling of the Far Left or question her rather light credentials or poor grasp of policy and governance.

  40. Hillary Clintons black dude body guard, who always rescued her – he died last month! Media have been silent on that one.

  41. Warren Buffet agrees that universal healthcare for our citizens would SAVE over a trillion dollars as also validated by the Koch brother funded research paper. mmmmmm…….who would actually lose money? big pharma?….overpriced medical procedures? hospital add ons? doctor fees? I stand by Warren Buffet who actually shares his great wealth and lives in a very modest home in Omaha where he has lived for over 30 years….no yachts, no mansion, no flashy clothes just an honest man who has achieved money through investments and KNOWING how to use $$$$$$$$$. He would be a much better fit for secretary of treasury than mnuchin, the scoundrel who profited off the 2008 market crash and then went on to profit more from shady loan deals and likes to use money to benefit himself.

  42. It's time for you "progesssives" to look up a story from Alex Jones about the 21 TRILLION dollars missing from the Pentagon. Proven by Michigan State University Economics Dept. DR. SKIDMORE.

    Stop your bias bullshit and say something about the missing 21 TRILLION. Interview Catherine Austin Fits

  43. Are the same polls that say the American people want higher taxes the same polls that said Hillary would win?

  44. Why is Cenk so outlandishly smug about calling other people wrong/misguided but his counterarguments always involve mocking them and rarely providing actual sources and math that adds up?Just give us the cost of all the social programs and quantifiable measures of how you're going to pay for it. Always dancing around the question and trying to downplay everyone

  45. Polls are always wrong though

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