Collins: I didn't think Nancy Pelosi could become more hypocritical

Rep. Doug Collins, R-Ga., says President Trump put ‘a very firm focus’ on Iran and criticizes the Democrats’ ongoing efforts to impeach the commander-in-chief.

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  1. Collins will be jobless come November, your day is coming sir. You will have to explain yourself to voters.

  2. We will vote this swamp rat out of office also. Nasty pulkie will be prosecuted along with her corupt minions.

  3. So do the Dems, possibly have a alcoholic as their leader who either needs a drink or is recovering from drink? Making judgements with a foggy head everyday? In alcoholism, alcohol is the master above anything else. That leads to the poorest of judgement on all levels. Need I say more?

  4. Nasty nancy. No. Policys. What a gift to. Our. President this is. Trump. Dynasty. Thanks. Nasty. No. Policys

  5. I didn't realize what a neocon, and zionist ball licking Chnt Lou slob was until Benedict Donald came along. I voted for the sell-out..should have known better. We don't vote in America anymore..our so-called reps and candidates are all handpicked puppets… from Obama to now Chump! But conservatives are lapping it up like a cold brew at the ball game smh


  7. TRUMP..MAGA🇺🇸🇺🇸…Trump has my vote for 2020

  8. What ever the turdocrates do it has to go though the senate total lose for them

  9. Any and all Democrats who supported the hoax impeachment, supported the hoax Russian Collusion should all be unseated, recalled, tossed out of Congress and some should be prosecuted for their efforts toward a Coup against a sitting US President.. The Democratic Party has been destroyed from within its own party and it's Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Kamala Harris, Diane Feinstein, Adam Schiff and the like who caused this to happen. Every one of them should suffer consequences

  10. Nancy Pelosi must submit to a blood test. What is she on?

  11. I'm really scared Now the President can't keep us safe now because of that Woman Her Backers the Democrats And Traders the Republican. Who VOTED with the Democrats and against the President and America..TRUMP 2020

  12. She cant send anything because shes got nothing, except alzheimers and a drinking problem.

  13. The gentleman from Florida,love this man.

  14. The Democrats have lost ALL CREDIBILITY with me. They are a bunch of liars and deceivers who are treating the American Public as money sinks. Their EXTORTION schemes have run RAMPANT THAT THEY TREAT THE HOMELESS AS IDIOTS, BABIES, AND CHILDREN AS SCAPEGOATS AND FOREIGN COUNTRIES AS MONEY LAUNDERING DEVICE'S. The Dems and the Independents aim to collapse our country along with all the veterans who pledged to protect it. We are all excess eaters taking up room, for all they care, so we need to be eliminated!!
    Well, I for one stand solidly with Pres Trump as he has proved he is with us! This year is the time for us to get our heads screwed on properly and drive those lemmings into the sea where THEY DROWN FOR TREASON. THIS IS A NEW DAY TO FLUSH THAT CORRUPTION FROM OUR SHORES, AND TREAT OTHER COUNTRIES AS PEOPLE, NOT PIGS TO THE SLAUGHTER!!

  15. Great job Fox news….Democrats are the do nothing party and they are very good at doing nothing…..just say in….

  16. We have more criminal minded people in America than we knew. It's very clear now. Who would defend, support and back people like hillary, pelosi, schitt, biden, obama and their ilk?
    Crooks back crooks, that is who supports the lunatic left. A reasonable, rational citizen wants the bidens investigated to find out what the truth is. The lunatic left clears them with no investigation because fake media told them to. How dare the president investigate crooked Joe Biden and his junkie son, impeach Trump. The message is suppose to be, DO NOT dare question any democrap, THEY rule the world. However, enter the silent majority. WE say hell no, we had enough of your self serving BS.

  17. Anyone else laugh out loud when Nancy Pelosi talks about loving and protecting the Constitution?

  18. Ustedes me han respetado a mi verdad que no que clase de profesionales son

  19. ya remember have the dems attack that gold star family..oh wait that was trump… Well, then you have this falling with love with dictators like kim..oh wait trump again

  20. History will show these two fools as complete idiots

  21. How's that "Uranium One" coming all? Hahaha, Republican's own Justice department proved you guys wrong TODAY silly sheep and hypocrites. Critical thinking is a good thing folks. Remember Trump lied to you and said he wasn't going to play golf because working so hard – you bought that one too???

  22. BAM What a comment. Awesome Mentioning the fact that they really do care about Solomani more than they do the Gold Star families whose sons Solomani killed in recent years. That was an awesome true comment!

  23. Collins is fixing to be a US Senator!

  24. Did this rep just say that I love terrorism ?

  25. Hilary Clinton is in on Trumps sham impeachment also with polosi; and pencil neck Schiffty shift. Salamani was a war criminal and what was we supposed to do have him 1,000's more then take him out. By then the demtards would have warned them and they would have went into hiding.

  26. Spot on! When analyzing bullies like Pelosi and her cronies..every accusation made against President Trump has been merely a deflection of their own failures and actions. For example, accusing Trump of lying, when they themselves are liars, accusing Trump of not having a strategy with Iran, when they themselves never did..the list is endless. It’s just one of the criteria under the DSM-V clinical psychology diagnostic book.

  27. I like Trump although sometimes he talk and never think his words is not appropriate for public and also why not President Trump send Nancy Pelosi to Iran as a Negotiator let see what will be the outcome.

  28. The War Act 5 (b) was Amended to make We The People enemy's of our Country. Yes it is abuse of there power. and it should be repealed,

  29. How much Commission did IRAN pay President Obama and Mr. Kerry out of the midnight run on pallets, $150,000,000,000.00 to pay for Mr. Obama’s Realestate deals @$50,000,000.00. How much America?

  30. Dems – hypocrisy at its finest!!!

  31. Trump is a corrupt politician who is gonna ruin this country people asks up all Gf diez is whine n divide our country all politicians are corrupt but trump just step up the game with no stand impeach him b4 we end up Russians like Snowden the traitor over there protected by them Russians

  32. We want witnesses and we want the truth . Trump 2020 USA USA USA

    TRUMP 2020🇺🇸

  34. Pitchfork Pelosi the Monster squad and the rest of the Socialist Dummycrats would rather "Praise a terrorist" than agree with President Trump and protect America and the American people

  35. I would bet that mike Lee had been cheating on his wife and or doing something else wrong. And the dems found out about it and blackmailed him on the threat of releasing it. Based on how the dems work I would say that's a plausible scenario…

  36. ……….she has however become more demonic.

  37. Pelosi from which grave yard????.


  39. Pelosi is a mess the American people need to suffer from


  41. Any hackers if you're listening, feel free to hack this Fox (Fix) News channel.

  42. Pelosi and the Democrats have already convicted the president. They are preparing to physically remove him from office By any means necessary. They are replaying Hamilton and Burr which was their modus operandi from the very beginning.

  43. And President Trump brushes it off and runs the country without their support. They won't deter him…try as they may.

  44. Pelosi is going to be in big trouble by her Boss now that she's failed to take down Trump.

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