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Colton Underwood Jumps Over A Fence After Crying For Cassie – The Bachelor Episode 9 Recap

Colton Underwood Jumps Over A Fence After Crying For Cassie - The Bachelor Episode 9 Recap

Colton Underwood jumps over a fence after crying for Cassie. She leaves him and now everyone is wondering. Where the heck is Hannah G? Find out in this weeks recap of The Bachelor.

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Colton Underwood fell hard for Cassie Randolph on The Bachelor, and he was absolutely devastated when she decided to leave him during the show’s March 4 episode. In fact, the situation left him so emotional, that he stormed away from the cameras and jumped over a fence to avoid being filmed! It’s the moment ABC has been teasing in promos for the show since before the premiere in January, and now we finally know that a devastating breakup with Cassie is what led Colton to this shocking move. The fence jump left even Chris Harrison stunned, as he looked on in horror and tried to figure out where the hell Colton was going. The episode ended as a cliffhanger, so we won’t know what happens next until the finale airs on March 11.

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Starring & Written by Ali Stagnitta @alistagnitta

Edited By Nicolas Gonzalez @nictack

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Colton Underwood Jumps Over A Fence After Crying For Cassie – The Bachelor Episode 9 Recap


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