Comedian Dennis Miller reacts to Robert De Niro

Comedian Dennis Miller reacts to actor Robert De Niro’s comments during a commencement ceremony and Adam Carolla’s ‘No Safe Spaces’ movie.


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  1. I used to like denario ! Hate him now ! Trump forever !

  2. Robert de niro should know because he's one of the biggest jokes in Hollywood

  3. Bobby and Scorcese took the Lolita Express. I used to like them. Can't watch TV and movies anymore. Satanic rituals on Super Bowl and award shows? Should've took the blue pill. Nah I have a passion for the truth! I like to read. I use the net to learn.
    Sincerely, Bill

  4. Deniro is just uneducated on the truth. He seems like a socialist. Ask ANYONE claiming to be a socialist if they want to lead the revolution by giving all of their money to those who are less fortunate????? They don't. Socialism only sounds good when it's someone else's money that you're giving away. DeNiro is the same as the rest of em… me.

  5. I will hold my breath until I pass out if Dennis Miller is allowed to speak again; this is a nation that is willing to hear deniro talk sense and political correctness while haters like Miller have lost their right to say the hateful non- progressive opinions that have cost millions and millions of Americans to lose their lives while millions more are now forced into 3rd class citizenship.if Miller is right than virtually every college professor is wrong.we must insist that Miller sympathizers and those that would actually vote for Trump must be kept from spreading their venom on the rest of us.

  6. Robert Deniro is a pedophile & he knows that President Trump knows.

  7. De Niro is absolutely spot on as per. Who is this "comedian"?

  8. Robert de niro used to be Jimmy the gent Conway. Is he going insane these days or what?

  9. De Niro is another disgusting OJ

  10. It's ironic that someone as ignorant and stupid as dezero is wearing a gown. He's a sorry piece of trash.

  11. De Niro is a f**** maggot!

  12. Why would any university have a high school dropout (DeNiro) as a speaker?
    If I were a student at Brown, I would be asking for a refund for some of my tuition.

  13. Holy Crud, This could be a video made today. I just played the video 11-26-19 and then looked at the date of video 6-1-17 and nothing has changed and probably gotten worse.

  14. Hide your grave little bobby.

  15. Wasn't he driving the car with rosie and the rest of them liberals moving to Canada oh yeah whoopie too ……

  16. Privileged rich white man who acts for a living is lecturing us. GTFOH.

  17. "A tragic dumbass comedy." Apparently comedy's make him angry instead of making him laugh.

  18. It's a tragedy that de niro is allowed to speak at all.

  19. He needs to show some class like pacino

  20. Won't be surprised when he starts dropping spots for body bags!!

  21. "Intelligent people don't know how to think. They know what to think." JP Sears, (comedian).

  22. So The Mental Midget Can Speak ? OOHH Wait a minuet He has a Script LMFAO

  23. The man is a good example of an idiot.

  24. Its weird, Pelosi said when trump won they were going to impeach him. That's all we have got out of them. No work for the greater good. And all the rich liberals are backing the impeachment of a legitimately elected president. I know they have much to gain by his removal from office. Elitist pigs.

  25. Considered De Niro's contribution to society. His portrayal of the American Psychopathic killer and gangster. Not the type of person I feel has any room to be criticizing anybody else.

  26. Nobhead De Queero …thinks he's smart but unfortunately for him he just makes a bigger prick out of himself every day he opens his big gob.

  27. Little Robert DiNiro. Great Actor. And thats it. A little man with a mental health problem. Maybe dementia. His wife just dumped him.

  28. For 8 years people wished Obama ill will. Today we have a president that claims windmills cause cancer. Liberals to conservatives both sides have lost touch.

  29. DeNero shut up and dance for my entertainment

  30. Dennis miller is a great man and a great Pittsburgher

  31. I am glad Dennis Miller is speaking out against the hate culture which seems to have taken over Hollywood. Robert Deniro is an amazing actor. But all this political hate is a real turnoff. It's affecting a lot of movie fans.

  32. I wouldn’t send my child to Brown stupid university if my life depended on it.

  33. de Niro should stick to acting.

  34. De Niro is Kompromat scum

  35. It's all about what De Niro has been drinking. De Niro and Pelosi must be taking the same stuff thats eating up the brains. Celebtities, Politicions are going out of they're minds, not the Country. Appreciate Dennis Miller exposing De Niro and his reaction to his Loonacy claims.

  36. Won't watch any of his movies, past, present or future.

  37. The NRA Are the reason people are getting killed?!? WOW…WOW…WOW…WOW…REALLY?!?🤔🤔🤔😎😎

  38. Deniro the Democrats the government and the media is what's drawing so much attention to what's wrong with the government. 👍

  39. It's people like him that has put a stop to watching movies. If there's any liberals in it I refuse to waist my time. Thanks Dennis for speaking the truth.

  40. Love ya Dennis Miller…one of the few of Hollywood that's still with it…..

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