Commerce Secy Wilbur Ross talks all things trade in exclusive interview

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross on finalizing a USMCA deal and phase one of China trade.

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  1. Wait for a better deal on China – if we have Mexico and Canada we are set

  2. He literally says USMCA needs to be implemented tomorrow for the sake of jobs and ordinary Americans. Next answer "Everyday that goes by we are in a better position." Dude is full of it

  3. Waiting on the Dunham report now…

  4. Haha crazy nanzy want to take credit for the USMCA. If trump didn’t renegotiate nafta there is no USMCA. Trump is the genius. The do nothing dems will be replaced by republican congress in 2020

  5. Secretary Ross is an classic idiot and Trump’s mouth piece!

  6. The Chinese aren’t going to stop stealing. As for China buying more from us isn’t much of a good idea either. We don’t want China to have any hold on our economy. Look what’s happening to other countries that are tied to the chinese people. Once the chinese get their feelings hurt lol they start to cry. Like cunts.

  7. Westinghouse should have helped TESLA develope that Electricity tower. our planet produces all the clean free energy we need. Just buy or RENT a metered receiver device for the structure power breaker box.

  8. Democrats give unions power for money only. They don't give a rip about the American People. That's sick!

  9. The Pelosi push on USMCA is because the docket for 2019 of achievements for democrats is humiliating at its finest🤦‍♂️

  10. So by blocking the CMA deal puts NANCY Polosi an her California "Catholic Jesuit truth Seekers" in an excellent position to make a lot of money ????

  11. This great but what nobody is saying is what these jobs are and who will be employed!!!

  12. these folks are all crazy, and if you buy into this you are also.

  13. An employment rate in Canada is 6%, in France is over 9%, Italy is 10% and Germany is officially in recession. The US unemployment rate is 3.5%, which proved that Trump must have been doing the right thing and he truly deeply cares for America and the American people. Trump could have enjoyed his good life of a billionaire instead of going through a horrid show of life and malicious attacks set up by incompetent, irresponsible and immoral Democrats and fake news outlets.

  14. What garbage pelosi trying to take credit for it. Dems want people poor and depressed not working and making money

  15. This is typical of the Dem's, as a parallel to the USMCA deal, President Trump build a large fancy house a complex structure and the Dem's plant a flower in the garden and then they say we made some drastic changes so the property could be complete.

  16. Europe laughed behind our back, they can fend for themselves.

  17. As far as patients 10 year exclusivity, just to work with decraps I would make it 9 years 23 hours 59 seconds.!

  18. I like Mr. Ross – great guy who knows what he's doing – such a breath of fresh air from Barry Husein's Admin.

  19. Great interview with Commerce Sec. Wilbur Ross.
    Right Here! Real News!

  20. You can't trust the Communist Chinese!

  21. Thanks Maria for this interview of Commerce Sec. Wilbur Ross…great reporting….China and Huawei cannot be trusted.

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