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Conservatives Accuse Activists Of Throwing "Concrete Milkshakes"

Conservatives Accuse Activists Of Throwing "Concrete Milkshakes"

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Activists threw milkshakes on a conservative journalist. Some on the right are saying they used quick-dry concrete when mixing the shakes.

Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. MORE TYT: https://tyt.com/trial

Read more here: https://www.mediamatters.org/blog/2019/07/01/how-conservative-figures-turned-flimsy-rumor-about-concrete-milkshakes-portland-meme/224103

“Over the weekend, far-right and anti-fascist protesters clashed in downtown Portland, OR. Among the controversies was an attack carried out against Quillette editor Andy Ngo, caught on film by Oregonian reporter Jim Ryan. The June 29 footage shows black bloc demonstrators punching and kicking Ngo while others throw milkshakes at him.

The trend of throwing milkshakes at far-right politicians and activists originated earlier this year in the United Kingdom, but has more recently made its way over to the United States. Supporters of the practice see it as a way to humiliate political opponents and make them fear public organizing. Critics correctly note that this is a form of battery but have also warned that this tactic could quickly escalate into more damaging, permanent attacks involving acid or other corrosive chemicals.

According to some on the far-right, their worst fears of such an escalation were realized during the attack on Ngo. In reality, there’s not any actual evidence of that — and that’s a big problem.”

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. This clip is brought to you by in partnership with Squarespace. For websites made easy at 10% off, head to Squarespace.com/TYT.

  2. You insincere fucks. The guy has brain damage and you blame everyone but the guys who nearly killed him.

  3. The story is that a conservative journalist was brutally assaulted by violent Leftists, and the city of Portland did nothing to help. That’s it. TYT are the most disgusting scum on YouTube.

  4. Cant believe I used to actually watch this biased ass channel

  5. I'm so glad I unsubscribed to TYT I used to like your channel, not anymore,

  6. If they wasn't snowflakes enough, now they want to say there was concrete in the milkshake. Ill bet that these trained trumpanzees will say there was concrete in eggs at some point. 😂😂😂

  7. Stop making excuses for these scumbags, America is going to fall apart with both sides of your media showing childish bias to further your opinions

  8. lol, people subscribe to this "journalism."

  9. TYT this is sick. Instead of focusing on the attack, the focus is on how the milkshake is not as bad as reported. TYT you are part of the problem.

  10. I assume from the comments on most all of tyt videos, no one agrees with them. We all just watch to see how wrong and off the reservation you get.

  11. Sooo long story short don’t throw milk shakes.

  12. you just equated an articulate gay immigrant photojournalist with "them". Its not team sports. But thats how you are framing it. P.S. MLK would be embarassed by your divisive rhetoric

  13. These “Activists” that you speak of are nothing more than domestic terrorist thugs.

  14. Okay, so you're saying we have no evidence one way or another about the quick dry concrete thing. Why would it be so bad to warn people that this is a possibility?? We have clear evidence of assault, tons of video of this happening, with weapons, bike locks, etc… so by saying "there is no concrete milk shakes" doesn't make them any more innocent. The worst thing that can happen here is that people at these events start avoiding people with cups in their hands. Imagine me saying "HEY there were no crowbars used as weapons!!!11!!11! …. but there were bats, skateboards, bike locks, fists, rocks….." Seems like an incredibly stupid thing to focus on for 12 minutes, when you guys don't have evidence to the contrary and it also SURE AS SHIT looks like there was concrete in those cups.

  15. Go after some who is press just cuz there press is pretty fascist!

  16. Andy Ngo is that “one guy” who got punched 6 times and sprayed with milk shakes. Doesn’t matter if it’s “concrete”or not. They blinded him and attacked him. Andy Ngo is a gay and center conservative reporter who gotten beaten up badly. He’s also Vietnamese. So find it real disgusting to not equality report this as a hate crime and not highlight the fact that it’s ok to wear masks and attack people who disagree with their views and report what’s happening at these events. Shame on you guys for this half ass reporting.

  17. I love how all the comments are about how tyt are incredibly biased. People are waking up

  18. I wish I could thumb this down 10 times….!!! Actually 10,000 times!!!

  19. This is hysterical. They actually try to cite the fact that a right wing protester lawfully coordinated with police as a BAD thing.

  20. how is this in News and Politics…Also, somebody PLEASE get Cenk some powder for his glistening forehead.

  21. He was assualted but……. People like this channel and antifa are getting trump another 4 yrs.

  22. Can’t believe I used to really like this garbage channel. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  23. Hide your face you are lying…

  24. It's interesting to watch you pushing your propoganda and not able to look strate in to camera strate… you know what you do…

  25. I see the YTY is still the YTY lol

  26. I used to take TYT seriously lol Left is literally going crazy … Maybe explain that ANTIFA nearly killed somebody and how serious the consequences can be? If he died, an innocent man would have been killed because you label anybody who disagrees with you as fascists.. Does that not seem incredibly insane to you? What do you think happens if somebody dies at one of these things? The end result is the RIght retaliating and then you crying about it as your real snowflakes who struggle to handle an opposing opinion!!!. You morons are why Donald Trump is in power.

    I'm from the UK but it makes me so mad that the USA is full of retards like this as the USA literally involves itself in everybody's business. Your system is so floored and you are brainwashing the newest generation and in 50 years your former glory will be only a memory you cling on to.

    and whos against anti facists? Me now because they are clearly more retarded that the majority of the right.

  27. Quilette is not conservative

  28. Quilette is not conservative

  29. I think you may be missing the point

  30. I love America so much

  31. 'Every time you see Nancy Pelosi fail to show leadership you want to lash out.'
    That's what you feel?
    I note that you immediately say that violence is counter-productive, but your condemnation of violence is fairly weak and cowardly isn't it?
    This channel is pathetic.

  32. When they label the proud boys as a white nationalist group but there leader is a colored Cuban minority. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  33. Who wears masks in public?

  34. Young Turks you really are similar to those degenerates in ottoman impire with the same name

  35. This is disgusting you're completely disregarding the fact a innocent man was attacked you even said we know it's wrong ….. BUT.
    How fu****ing dare you …… this might be one of the most disrespectful channels I've seen in my life shame on you and f*ck you and you're violent little friends Antifa

  36. why are you even discussing the concrete milkshakes?
    that doesn't even matter it about absolute fascists being violent.

  37. The young cunts. Lying, biased cunts at that.

  38. Condemn an attack (to make yourself sound reasonable) and then rather than report on the attackers you choose to defend them. What a piece of shit you are TYT

  39. How can anyone not see the dishonesty in these guys?

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