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Cops Beat Man Bloody Then Arrest Him For Bleeding On Them

Cops Beat Man Bloody Then Arrest Him For Bleeding On Them

“Police in Ferguson, Missouri, once charged a man with destruction of property for bleeding on their uniforms while four of them allegedly beat him.

“On and/or about the 20th day of Sept. 20, 2009 at or near 222 S. Florissant within the corporate limits of Ferguson, Missouri, the above named defendant did then and there unlawfully commit the offense of ‘property damage’ to wit did transfer blood to the uniform,” reads the charge sheet.

The address is the headquarters of the Ferguson Police Department, where a 52-year-old welder named Henry Davis was taken in the predawn hours on that date. He had been arrested for an outstanding warrant that proved to actually be for another man of the same surname, but a different middle name and Social Security number.”

Read more here: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2014/08/15/the-day-ferguson-cops-were-caught-in-a-bloody-lie.html

Ben Mankiewicz, Ana Kasparian, Cenk Uygur and Jimmy Dore of The Young Turks discuss this story. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.


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  1. Why are these low life cops not in prison?

  2. Jesus Christ this SHIT has too stop ignorant tyrants all they are dumb assholes going to hell these cop in a hand basket

  3. How about someone gets the name of that federal magistrate and dig into his background, I bet he is a right wing republican.

  4. “So on top of it there pussys”😂😂

  5. its like having your mom die, and your crying and someone arrest you for crying

  6. No charges?!?! Let’s send all the cops that were involved to prison for a month and see what happens to them and let the judge dismiss whatever it is as “too minor” as well.

  7. These cops are lying through their teeth. Damn bastards.

  8. Trumps fault, oh wait ,this happened under obama

  9. K k K GODSees you.thats why you commit your own death.

  10. There will be no justice a.s long as the judges are on the benches and the KIK are all our to do dirt and go free that's why they are killed because they are demons.

  11. These cops.need to go underneath jail, pay monetary for what they did these white cops get away with their dirt and nothing is done need to be fired they will pay in HELL !! They need to fire the entire police head chief and all put the man's eye out beat him outrageously !!!!! The Michigan police force is known for this all of them are KIK on uniforms they feel they don't need to wear mask because.they go free When CHRIST comes let's see them cry in burning hell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Dirt bags. Belong in a landfill…

  13. Why don't all those rich black actors, sports stars etc, openly come out and take a stand against this………. or are everybody too self-absorbed……..

  14. What if the whole police shoot for no reason thing is just so people don't do anything bad in the first place. Hmmmmm

  15. That was the most ridiculous thing i have seen in awhile, they beat him bloody then charged him with property damage after he bled on them LMAO ! Then lied in court, WOW you cant make this s**t up !

  16. Are those cops members of the KKK?

  17. Accept it, America is the new NAZI GERMANY . I pray it does not end like NAZI GERMANY , i.e in utter ruins.

  18. Lesson learned. Don't break the law. The law says if you bleed on the sidewalk you will be arrested. He bled on the sidewalk. Obey the law. Ignorance of the law is not excuse. Funny, you don't see police officers arresting people who aren't bleeding on the sidewalk. Oh, I guess he must have broke the law. To bad, so sad!

  19. No more marching kill them

  20. Look black folks arm yourself kill them cops make it hard for them we are talented people we owe them asss kickings

  21. The police officers should be put to death.

  22. this was 2014? 2019? 1998? 1977? 1950? 1930? 1902? 1844? 1812? doesn't matter from year to year we are always treated the same

  23. A HARD WORKING CITIZEN BEATEN FOR BEING BLACK! The man was exhausted from working all night! And THEY couldnt bother to check if they had the right PERSON!

    So for , what i surmise….90% of cops arent remotely smart, Bright! And are socially MENTAL! Being BRAIN damaged is a requirement, apparently! And these tools arent smart enough to get better jobs than be a paid bully! I quess They're right when they say …There is a FUTURE for everyone.

    but the issues start from the head up!

  24. Omg! I thought he had face tattoos f4om the thumbnails image! These demons are devils! What is wrong with their souls!

  25. The cops in America are animals

  26. Domestic Urban Terrorist Attack Again…….

  27. Meanwhile we're believing every word the police are saying about Jesse smullet… Cops are people and people lie… White supremacists have definitely infiltrated the police force and the Whitehouse….

  28. There are no couple of bad apples in the police department

  29. C.O.P.S.
    Criminals Out Provocting Shit. 💩

  30. They didn't arrest him for bleeding on them…tyt clickbait again…

  31. Call your Ferguson public servants and ask them for help in understanding these situations

  32. Such an amazing job…well done cops

  33. I guess we're not even pretending now to NOT be an over-militarized police state!! Rome is burning and Nero plays his fiddle!!

  34. These piece of shit cops deserved to be deballed!

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