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Cops Brutalize One Of Their Own

Cops Brutalize One Of Their Own

Police viciously beat an undercover officer and then attempted to cover it up. Brett Erlich, Aida Rodriguez, Helen Hong, Adrienne Lawrence, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. More TYT: https://go.tyt.com/R2BezMiEFcE

Read more here: https://www.stltoday.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/st-louis-police-officers-indicted-accused-of-beating-an-undercover/article_4a82d209-b3cd-565e-9a97-309cf1c2a5af.html

“ST. LOUIS • Four St. Louis police officers were indicted Thursday on federal charges claiming that three of them beat an undercover colleague during protests last year and all four then covered it up, federal prosecutors say.

The indictment also claims that several of the officers exchanged messages that “expressed disdain” for protesters and “excitement about using unjustified force against them and going undetected while doing so.”

Hosts: Brett Erlich, Aida Rodriguez, Helen Hong, Adrienne Lawrence

Cast: Brett Erlich, Aida Rodriguez, Helen Hong, Adrienne Lawrence


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  1. If he was white this doesn't happen

  2. American cops are trash 🙂 even in africa we aint that buslshit! your own law enforcement is swallowing you whole 🙂 🙂

  3. I'm going to correct that title for you… Cops intentionally, savagely brutalized a Black Man, who happened to be an undercover cop.

  4. Lmfao!!!!!! This is epic funny

  5. ALL cops are Satanist run organisation , and Sworn to protect the Masonic Brotherhood not the Public to be served and Protected .
    instead they see all public member as threat and Domestic terrorist. that's why you see more and more innocent people get hurt for no reason .

  6. Thank you for letting the pigs know that if they text about it before they abuse us, then they might get in some kind of trouble. How about you don't give these assholes the heads up?

  7. i really hope all the cops go thru same , so they feel the Public out cry .
    i really hope on every undercover cop get shot by their own , and feel the pain of every mother who lost a son by Police shooting .
    i rest my case .

  8. Of course the cops have gotten away with this crap for years.

  9. SL.Louis 52 percent black 48 percent white murder rate 98.percent black all that means they are not arresting the whites for murder.their I said it for you lol

  10. See how much evidence do u need. Cop aint shit but 🐖.s

  11. This cop being undercover while conducting official duty should've had his superiors back him up through that legal process… Here you have indictments , grandjuries and police unions ALL INVOLVED in racially corrupting the process… Even the BEAT UP black cop was't 👁️ infiltrated into the crowd for the protesters sake. He was planted there to have protesters arrested..‼️

  12. When the wicked are in power, the people suffer…

  13. Other cops so sorry they can't testify. Wow! But, not surprised. This is exactly why the public does not like or respect the cops!!!

  14. R we.. The blk Americans shocked.. I think not

  15. So they beat up a cop and get suspended without pay but kill a black man they get suspended with pay basically a paid vacation this is BS!!!

  16. Lucky it was only a Cop. It shows the undercover cops were breaking laws to get beaten up .Or the Cops broke the law and beat him for no reason.Undercovers are used to invite riots

  17. The undercover cop was a provocateur.

  18. wow blue on blue like Sicario the movie…

  19. Infiltrating…
    Beat the shyt out of more of them..

  20. This sounds like fun .id pay to show up to beat down some.protesters.


  22. us cops are incompetent! fire them all force them to go through 2 and a half+ years more training (maximum training time for a cop in the us seams to be half a year in Europe it 3 years) once they are properly trained rehire them.

    the US needs to invest more in developing competence… phase out the incompetence or something… state subsidize their training if they have to…

    it shows in former MPs that get far fewer complaints against them… competence matters.
    if you want your police to be more then a governmental death squad then freaking train them properly! even if it costs more!

    raise taxes if you have too…

  23. All cops in the US think like this !!!!!

  24. Cop gets ass whooped….well suck it up buttercup !

  25. The police officer that was Undercover I want to start a GoFundMe account for him

  26. This is what happens when you start putting propane in cars. We will see more corruption and violence as propane continues to grow.

    Propane is a substance that causes violent behavior in people who get exposed to it daily.

    You have been warn!

    Propane Solved

  27. was he white black or latino?

  28. Quote of the century “ to creat empathy something’s you have to experience the reason for empathy “

  29. Monsters don't have empathy, but it raises awareness. I'd like to know what the "EXPLETIVE" was.

  30. Police should represent the best most morally upright individuals in our communities……therefore Officers who commit such crimes should get fired, never be allowed to be police again and given the max jail sentence…. if the suspect was killed, then they should be put to death!

  31. Of course we don’t want anyone to get beat up. However, since it happened at least one of them will know how it feels. Thankfully, he didn’t get killed like so many innocent ppl have. This was messed up situation like I said he is lucky he didn’t get shot like so many citizens do !

  32. And people wonder why I stay my ass in the house… work and then go home.

  33. Why are they on the force if they can't testify??

  34. LOL! I love this and I would like to see more cops kicking and clubbing the shit out of other cops. LMFAO. I could watch this all day long. WOW!

  35. ft the cops were justied in beating hi mf ass…dam all this fair treatment

  36. I'm quite sure the cop that got beat knows of other dirty deeds done by the police force. The sad thing is he knows why the protest is taking place, but he's ok with the fact that that his kind (blacks) are being brutalized or even killed at these events, during traffic stops, and any other time. I have yet to hear a black cop speak up or stand up about what's happening to blacks across america at the hands of police. Maybe once it happens to their child or loved one, until then I guess they speak up only for themselves. Talk about karma. It's time to blacklist cops from any jobs in law enforcement once they go rogue.

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