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Corinna Kopf & Faze Tfue Together After Logan Paul Break Up | Hollywoodlife

Corinna Kopf & Faze Tfue Together After Logan Paul Break Up | Hollywoodlife

KSI gets knocked down in a new video! Corinna Kopf claps back at haters and gets back with FaZe Tfue. Plus – Logan Paul reacts to brain scan backlash.
#KSI #LoganPaul #CorinnaKopf

Starring Ali Stagnitta @alistagnitta

Written & Edited By DeVante Chisolm @devantechisolm

Music & Photos provided by Shutterstock

Footage provided by Celebrity Footage



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  1. Are Corinna Kopf and FaZe Tfue actually dating this time?

  2. If you were in JP single song if would be better then it right know

  3. am i the only who don't like corinna ? lol no hate

  4. Your voice is soooo goddamn annoying & loud as fuck!! + you're trying soooo hard, it's obvious!! Bitch!!

  5. Arent logan and tfue the same thing?

  6. lol I give them three weeks 😬💀

  7. Ali just trying to be nice, u are beautiful 😍

  8. She may be flat but I'm guessing she can make a good sandwich – calm tf down feminists

  9. How do people even let keem bodyshame😂 has he looked in the mirror recently?

  10. Ooooo Corinna fucking tfue rn

  11. Damn, she does not like her job😂😂look at her face when the video ended

  12. If they arent a couple idk who is!!! Cmon!

  13. I hope Corinas anxieties make her kill herself

  14. Mr steal yo girl steal yo girl

  15. bruuuuh tfues girl hot AF! He's better off single tho GL

  16. If you see her IG story Tfue is kissing her at the cheek😏😏

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