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Corporations Are Turning California Into A Wasteland

Corporations Are Turning California Into A Wasteland

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The state of California has become ground zero in the latest round of The Water Wars, with companies extracting millions of gallons out of the state every year. Add in the fact that climate change is causing severe droughts in the state, and we’re left with a humanitarian crisis that we don’t know how to solve. Ring of Fire’s Mike Papantonio and Farron Cousins discuss this issue.

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  1. Also, same principle as the dust bowl. Overly depleated reaource. Should haved moved some of that agro to more sustainable levels.

  2. I can barely hear you with my phone turned up…

  3. That's right it's the corporations. Nothing to do with illegals and leftist government policy. Lol. 150k middle class a tax payers leave California every year including hundreds of businesses while over a million illegals and foreigners who mostly go on welfare or dont pay taxes coming in. Play that out over 10 more years and see where that leads you

  4. Republicans are destroying California.

  5. I think you meant to say Democrats … not Corporations … Right ?

  6. Democrats destroyed California.

  7. so california is the most liberal state in america period……. they even want to leave the us………. this is liberals fault

  8. When California is ruined don't expect to come to our state, live in your own ruined state. We don't have room for you. Go to Mexico or Canada the choice is yours. Liberals are not welcome in Trump States. I live in Columbus Ohio in a minority community and we get along fine. We don't need trouble makers.

    Maybe you should not allow illegal immigrants to steal water. Why hasn't California developed water treatment plants? If you end up like South Africa I don't care that's your fault.

  9. Democrats are turning California into a wasteland lol

  10. We are turning into Mars

  11. Liberals are turning California into a shithole, it's been a domino effect since the dirtty hippies destroyed San Francisco and Commie Caesar Chavez destroyed the state. Hollyweird is the crackbaby love child of the drugged out hippie degenerates and far left Marxist illegals. To say nothing of the ethnic gangs burning down their own neighborhoods.

  12. No liberals are ruining California look at LA and SF

  13. No, it’s all the illegal aliens that are destroying California

  14. No, socialism is turning California into a wasteland

  15. Mexicans are turning California into a wasteland.

  16. California is a wasteland due to Democratic policies. You guys have some of highest unemployment, sanctuary cities with illegals running around freely committing crimes, and you have very high taxes with cost of living. But then you guys can smoke your weed which amuses all you degenerates.


  18. What party has been in control, enforcing policy for the past few decades in california?… Democrats. And still u blame republicans?

  19. well this is what happens when you vote Dems

  20. Now you know what happened to the Garden of Eden.

  21. Dudes…you all powerful progressives have ruled California for decades, so quit blaming corporations and everyone else for your screw ups.

  22. Yea it's gotta be the corporations.. lol not the dems at all

  23. Yes. The votes are always in the cities. That's why the founding fathers made the electoral college.

  24. There are new water efficient toilets that use .80 gallons per flush yet California doesn’t use them 🤦‍♀️ they should be made mandatory. They work better than 1.6 gallon toilets 🚽

  25. Could be they will all be sharing the same single restroom soon.

  26. He referred to Farron Cousins as a Journalist: Laughable.

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