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Could coronavirus lead to a global recession? Here are the signs to look out for | Just The FAQs

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is impacting the global economy and raising fears of a recession. What causes a recession and what are the signs?
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WASHINGTON — Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin outlined a variety of potential proposals to Senate Republicans Tuesday as part of a legislative package to help Americans and industries that are reeling from the coronavirus.

The administration proposed an initial $250 billion could be sent to Americans as early as the end of April if it can muster congressional approval, according to senators in attendance at the lunch meeting.

Sen. John Thune, the Republican majority whip, noted that getting cash assistance to Americans is something that has historically taken some time, but “I think there are ways now electronically that you can process things more quickly.” The South Dakota Republican said while an exact date remains up in the air, cash assistance could potentially start to go out in late April. “I think that’d be a good start date.”

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  1. yEs ThIs wAs oN My ReCoMeNd

  2. You'd have to be an idiot if you don't believe government induced panic followed by shutting down companies ISN'T going to cause a recession.

  3. Here are the signs of this completely media driven economic recession.

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