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Could Lori Loughlin's daughters go to jail?

Former federal prosecutor Doug Burns discusses what the future holds for Lori Loughlin’s decision to not plead guilty in the college admissions scandal case.

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  1. Is she a liberal? We know where this will go. 👎👎👎

  2. Take there money drop me off in the worst part of LA and say enjoy suck di#& for cash

  3. Olivia Jade, I would like for you to advertise and model next to some of my rowing boats on your YouTube channel. It will help you get into the college of your choice (USC) only.

  4. She seems very arrogant and privilege like she's better than everybody else hopefully she's going to do some serious time and not get away with this and get a slap on the wrist like all the rest of them did what a joke.

  5. If your mom and dad rob a store or bank or whatever and you drive getaway you go to jail. If you cover for your parents aiding and abetting you go to jail.

  6. They should be charged, they knew about the scam. Olivia is whining about her "brand" being in jeopardy! What brand? She's a spoiled snot with ZERO marketable skills. I bet Lori takes a deal in December, trial is in January. She'll get 10 years in prison, at least. People delight in the fall of cheaters, liars and frauds, especially the rich ones.

  7. Yes, along with illegal Immigrants that get free education off taxpayer's money!

  8. Yes they are about to face jail time. And they was kicked outta college.

  9. They participated in the crimes committed but will only get a slap on the wrist wealth has it's priveledge.

  10. The witch hunt continues…wooo crime of the century apparently! Let's get back to 33,000 missing emails, I'm still waiting………..

  11. They should ABSOULTY

  12. She's innocent until proven guilty.

  13. Yes! They knew what was going on! Her daughter told on them! Then gets mad at her parents!

  14. Not guilty? Either she is stupid or very brave.

  15. No, how could the daughters know they weren't highly skilled athletes?
    They did get participation trophies for doing a 5k walk once and coming in last.

  16. Anyone involved in fraud and lying and knew about it needs to be charged, and since Lori refuses to take responsibility for breaking the law and placing her daughters in u universities they likely do not deserve, I hope the jury goes down hard. Maximum punishment

  17. Her kids are just as guilty.

  18. What happened to LAW AND ORDER ???? Abide by the rules or face the consequences for your actions !!!!!

  19. the family Has Unattractive faces.

  20. Didn't the other celebrity plead guilty

  21. I know it's bad but give then 2 weeks. Teach them.a little humility and that their world is much bigger than them

  22. HEY ! ahes aunt becky ok so just leave her alone

  23. Are they registered Democrats ? Then no ! Maybe for a day or two , they'll get out just in time for another vacation !

  24. De Blasio is finally making some sense.

  25. They will be the three best dressed gals in prison, Mossimo on close-out prices!

  26. Whores don’t fall too far from the tree, lol.

  27. They SHOULD!, it'll build character in the sheltered little princesses lives…

  28. Its there world……….I'm just living in it.✌😎🌴

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