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COVID-19 Evacuees In Nebraska To Be Released From Coronavirus Quarantine | NBC News NOW

NBC News’ Kathy Park details the release of 57 Americans who were quarantined in Nebraska after being evacuated from Wuhan, China, for the COVID-19 coronavirus.
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COVID-19 Evacuees In Nebraska To Be Released From Coronavirus Quarantine | NBC News NOW


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  1. Ok so they let these people FREE among our families n loved ones…. ?????? WTFFF

  2. China now admits incubation takes over 14 days, but what do i know😟

  3. 40 day just okay so much people are dying and riots in Ukraine

  4. The scary part is, the incubation period is 24 days. And the GOV knows this.

  5. LORD help us please as I know you going to hear later the doctors made a mistake sending these people out in too early and so they infected others😭😭😭😭 and its too far gone to pull back. I pray and hope they are all well for their sake and their families and especially for us the rest of the population because it wouldn't be pretty. Lord cover us from anything thing especially this virus that comes to take our live. I ask that you put an edge around us to keep us safe let nothing harm us in Jesus' Amen🙏🙏

  6. So a little over 500 people have been released from their 2 week quarantine and are now probably walking around spreading the virus. Thanks CDC! 👍

  7. America does not understand what is happening….just remember this is going to be devastating….watch and see!!

  8. Someone should be taking photographs of these people to alert the public…

    Ticking time bombs

  9. I think they should still make the quarantine at least 24 days just to be safe.

  10. Quarantine should be at least 24 days

  11. It should be 14 days, from the time they get off the plane, because the virus is airborne. So if anyone on the plane, or ship had it, then the 14 days should reset. Didn't they just get there a few days ago?

  12. Every time I hear a Coronavirus makes me buy a beer of Corona

  13. Imagine if this virus was so well designed that it could randomly make itself appear when it wants to.

  14. And so it begins.
    Not even subtle.

  15. “They should be ok as they go home” there are a lot of shoulda and mights and coulda for a bug with a long incubation period and false negative tests.

  16. fear propaganda. This virus is real, but its being used to make us fear asians. Hence why they use asians to report on this virus, or blacks

  17. I Hurd it could be 24 days before they can show symptoms??

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