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Coworkers Blindfold Hangover Taste Test

When you’re hungover and have a bunch of leftover fast food you’ll want Lieberman in your home.


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Pizza Eggs Recipe:
1 slice cold pizza
2 eggs
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
2 pinches kosher salt or sea salt

STEP ONE: Cut pizza slice into 1 inch squares
STEP TWO: Heat olive oil in pan on medium heat. Saute pizza squares until the crust is sufficiently crispy, about 3-5 minutes
STEP THREE: While the pizza cooks, beat eggs and salt together in a bowl or measuring cup until thoroughly combined.
STEP FOUR: Add eggs to pan. Sweep spatula around the pan to scramble eggs and pizza together. Remove from heat and serve.

Music By:
@ronaldjenkees, @Hagemeister, Discovery Music Source,

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  1. I still come back for the nips.

  2. Watching this I sometimes forget that Steve is over 30 yrs old while making this video.

  3. Damn Bree is soo cute and hot … and with glasses on even more

  4. Imagine actually doing all this while hungover.

  5. These put on so much weight wow

  6. Just tried pizza eggs. Mmm… Mmm… Mm…! That's a yum yum

  7. "it sounds too hot."
    "that's how you cook will…"
    "since when!!?"
    "since fire.."

  8. He's so invested… it's adorable.

  9. i want lieberman to cook for me

  10. Just made scrambled pizza eggs. Lieberman you genius.

  11. Imagine the turds after eating this slop…mmmmm chocolate mud slide

  12. "E.T. was a real alien boy".

  13. I'm gonna switch it up and make a McDonald's Apple pie waffle instead.

  14. That's weird, those McDonald's apple pies look nothing like the ones I get at my local M'cDs. Must be a regional thing.

  15. Matt needs a cooking channel… please I LOVE it!!!

  16. It's 4 am and now i'm hungry

  17. Lieberman is like a cooking bob ross.

  18. I couldn't focus on anything but Bree with no bra lol she looks very cold

  19. lmao steve almost made me piss my self

  20. You used olive oil in pancakes

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