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Dan Henninger on what to expect from Trump's SOTU

The Wall Street Journal’s editorial page deputy editor and Fox News contributor Dan Henninger says President Trump ‘will rise above’ discussing the Democrats’ impeachment efforts during his State of the Union address on Tuesday. #FoxBusiness

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  1. What to expect? More taking credit for nothing.
    No wall
    No affordable health care
    No high paying jobs
    Nothing to promote homeownership
    You think mass shooting are frequent?, just wait till the kardashian generation can’t find a job

  2. You can expect to hear propaganda and lies.

  3. Trump's allowed to hit adam Schiff with a dirty skillet.. in the face

  4. I wonder how many of those stalwart Dems could have endured the total harassment President Trump has survived up until now. It amazing he's still standing upright! He's accomplished 3 years of progress moving forward to MAGA! The Democrats have blocked every effort that has been made to make peoples' lives better. The deal w/China; the building of the walls; the USMC between Canada/Mexico/USA….getting out of the Middle East. I'd like to hear about all the good works the Dems have worked so hard on. ZIPPO/ZERO/NADA! Put that in your pipe or wherever else you'd like to smoke it Pelosi!

  5. A billionaire talking as though he believes in the poor, is it just me or does that just sound like a mask for him to make even more?


  7. Somebody better frisk Nancy Pelosi before she stands behind Trump. I sure wouldn’t turn my back on that woman!!

  8. Shaped up NATO, bring it Industries and steel back to United States and all the Democrats can do if they want to impeach him because he made a phone call?

  9. And 3 years President Trump 11 trillion dollars in trade into the country his State of the Union Address is going to set Adams gift to ship on fire, and I feel uncomfortable that they're standing behind them while he's doing it but then again I want them to see that they're going to eat the crow, but the fake news agencies won't only give them a little portion of the crow they have to eat

  10. President Trump knew exactly what to do and he implemented with such Excellence it must be recognized not clouded by false accusations lies and conspiracies from off intelligence services and our law enforcement agencies, if he did something wrong he would fire himself that's how good he is

  11. I think the State of the Union Address is going to be a masterpiece of excellence, with actual facts not Adam skiff and the house managers false information

  12. Yeah if I noticed there's no matter how many great things President Trump does, the Democratic Party Never tells you about it?

  13. Demons will try to assassinate him next. Pray for protection in Jesus Christ to work its mysterious ways.

  14. Isn't it funny the dems scream – "This president has this country sooo divided" blah blah blah when in reality the dems and mainstream media SCUMS poor tons of hatred, obstruction, abuse thier powers fighting trump on everything.. lefts have accomplished nothing "to even the point of polosi taking credit of trumps accomplishments… and those top heads tied corrupted should be impeached immediately and thrown in jail.. they took our tax money and funded all thier bs

  15. Trump 2020. Thank goodness we’re going to have at least 4 more years of prosperity. God Bless America

  16. I'm not sure there is enough time during the State of the Union to describe all of the accomplishments of the Trump administration. If Democrats do not clap for accomplishments the President should call them out by saying "who doesn't support helping Americans who are economically in need?". He needs to shame them for the hypocrites they are.

  17. How does a guy with 50 billion tell other people you can't make more? Pathetic.

  18. sanders, and his tax plan, would force hard working people..people who have worked hard all their lives for themselves and their children..to downsize. Meaning, under Sanders tax plan..many will not be able to afford what they can now. Why, because Sanders and crew, have given their hard earned money away, to people who have not been so industrious and forward thinking. Some will also go to illegals who have not put a penny into the economy. As for the ultra wealthy, their money will leave the US, as fast as it can. So just who would carry the loss in revenue ? Why, the hard working man and women of the US.

    TRUMP 2020!
    MAGA2016 KAGF2020 !
    "FOREVER" !

  20. Trump Train USA 🇺🇸 Winning for Americans

  21. homeless people the wall homeless people the wall talk about the homeless people and the wall keep up the good work President Trump homeless people in the wall

  22. Talk about homeless and the Mexican wall talk about homeless and the Mexican wall President Trump don't talk about the money just talk about homeless people and the Mexican wall

  23. my money says Dems don't show

  24. Results That Count (RTC) – Feb 3, 2020 – $1.94 / Gallon at Murphy's in St. Robert, Missouri – RESULTS THAT COUNT // Thank You President Trump for making The United States Energy Independent – TRUMP 2020.👍

  25. Americans will expect another corruption attempt from the Trump Administration

  26. 5% on $5,000,000…how many people that going to affect? They would still have $4,750,000. Doesn't look so bad.

  27. Bloomberg is a little man with a ton of $ and that's about it

  28. Not just taxinh the rich,his proposal is to tax middle class too. Meanwhile take more of our rights always. This isn't the same man you knew from NY, this is the same dirty Democrat Major running for president.

  29. See how much of a dictator trump is!! Look at the stock market in the corner of the screen, even the dow bows to trump!! With the state of the union address tomorrow he said you better rally or else!!

  30. Love President Trump. Can’t wait for the Career Criminals to be arrested. Democrats are the evil empire.

  31. President Trump will own the SOTU , just like he does his Rallies .

  32. Rush Limbaugh 1951-2020 😂😂😂

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