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Dancing Dad Wins Hearts Online As He Waits For Son To Come Home From NICU | NBC Nightly News

Firefighter Chris Askew has become a viral sensation for his dance moves. The dad started dancing to stay positive while his son, who was born 10 weeks early, is in the neonatal intensive care unit. The family has received countless compassionate comments during a difficult time.» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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Dancing Dad Wins Hearts Online As He Waits For Son To Come Home From NICU | NBC Nightly News


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  1. How come NBC is reporting on this, and reporting on a woman accidentally swallowing an engagement ring, but there is not even ONE mention of the state of Georgia taking away peoples free speech and forcing them to sign contracts of loyalty to Israel?

  2. In two weeks we need to have a dance off for little Dillion! Even if you can't dance or you are physically unable to, find a way to do so because Dillion will be home. God bless them!

  3. I’m sorry, but there’s often a faith backstory behind these stories, and MSM CHOOSES to edit out the backdrop. Why? Separation of church and state? When did MSM decided it was the state? You can’t celebrate the action without understanding the faith that is behind it.

    Get viable soon, little guy.

  4. The odds are with him, my sister was 2 months early and weighed 2lbs in the 1960s. She's still here.
    15 years from now that little boy will be embarrassed by the videos. LOL

  5. Been there..it's going to be tough..
    BUT wait until Baby speaks first words!! O..M..G

  6. Had to let you know my grand son was premie he weighed 3 lbs lost 1/2 of that , he'll be 20 3-25-20 plays basketball @Washington state yes they are funny lookin' but they grow up to be AMAZING as Dillon WILL ,GOD'S holding all 3 of you as Dillon sleeps with Angel's don't give up👼

  7. Omgggg this is soo touching. Prayers out 100000%

  8. 10 weeks early? omg! I'm scared already. They should have waited!

  9. God be with your family baby so cute will be home with you soon

  10. When my son was 30 days old the ER doctor said there was no way to save him. This was 49 years ago when there was very little to be done for sick babies. As a desperate mother, out of God only knows where, a sense of outrage came over me. I came for help and they were not going to help me. I said if you don't do everything you can do to save my baby my lawyer will be talking to your administrator first thing in the morning. I didn't even have a lawyer and I was young and trusting that doctors knew everything. So they got the baby on an IV and then did every test known to man and found what the problem was and they saved my baby. Our case went into the medical journals and changed the way newborns and infants are treated. I refused to leave my baby out of fear they would let him die, at a time when parents were almost banned from the nursery. We were told to go home or wait in the waiting room. The astute nurses noticed my baby responded to me and other babies left alone were dying. Our case changed how parents were involved, or not, in a baby's care and best chance for survival.
    Newborns do fight to live, but not without anyone to cheer them on and help them live. God Bless the Askew family and medical commuity
    Oooopps God already did.

  11. Who cut the onions 🧅😭😭🥰🥰🙌🏼🙌🏼 God bless you Dillon

  12. I love the story I hate this guys accent he sounds like he’s trying so hard to sound Caucasian

  13. What a beautiful story! Stay strong little one! Holding your little family tight in my 💓.

  14. I know it's scary as anything. But I pray he will be absolutely fine. He will be a strong boy.

  15. I lost my first child after premature delivery and a week in nicu. So hard. But I sit here watching my first grandchild now. So no matter what happens you will move on.

  16. From our Fire Fighter family to yours: hang in there, your son Dylan, your wife, and you are all beautiful! Best wishes and prayers for the future!

  17. My prayers for your family, I pray for your little guy ….may he grow big and strong…..

  18. When my daughter was born premature, we were told she had a chromosome disorder and will have only 2 weeks to live. My daughter is now 9yrs old. Happiness is possible after tragedy. God bless them and wish them the best of luck.

  19. You got this! Keep your hope up and keep on dancing!

  20. My prayers r with you and he will be come home soon. God has got this there for You got this. Praying right now 🙏

  21. Medicare – For All – go fund me????

  22. what a beautiful baby ! I pray he will be alright ! many blessings to you all –

  23. his dance is strong enough to make the baby's heart bouncing energetically!

  24. This is one of those comments that you leave because you've been there and you just want to share the joy because you know.

    8 years ago my son was born prematurely and spent a month on the children's hospital in NICU. I went every day…..I suffered death every time he went limp and his heart rate dropped. I cried alone many nights…waiting till they were able to tell me he can come home. When he was finally able to come home I jumped around….I punched a wall….I yelled inside.

    Everyone knew my pain because it was written all over it. This man….his team…supports him. They helped him get thru it.

    That's love….and trust me. I share and know your joy!! Your son will be stronger than most!!! I know because my son is now 8!

  25. NICU granma here. My grandson was born 3 months early last Sept & weighed 2 lbs. Was in the hospital for 4 months & 2 weeks, just came home. This is such a special thing to do, made me smile & cry. Our thoughts & prayers r with your family.

  26. I am 16 years old now but I was also a Premature. My parents were in the same condition very scared and I was rushed away as soon as I was born. I am sending my prayers towards you and your family!

  27. The tears are rolling…! Sending healing thoughts to you 💐

  28. Here you have Matthew 7:14….I have always loved this verse. I often use it in my own messages. What is amazing about this scripture. "Few will be that find it" It doesn't say a few billion or a few million will find it. It says only a few will find it, for the road is narrow. Jesus, who is speaking with the multitudes also teaches "NOT ALL" that call on Him will enter the Kingdom of heaven. Not all, no one, not anybody will receive the kingdom of heaven but only those that do the Father's will. And what is the Father's very first commandment!? NOT TO PLACE ANY OTHER GOD BEFORE HIM. When you pray to God then end your prayer to Jesus name. DEAF EARS! You will not be one of the few. Period!

    If Christians all believe in Jesus Christ, and submit to Jesus Christ as there personal savior. Why then would not all of those receive the kingdom of heaven that call on Jesus Christ? Why is it that only a few will receive the kingdom and not all? This is a very deep scripture when you think about it. And it does have hidden meaning behind it.

    So what Jesus is saying is just a few that call on Him will receive the kingdom. Not all. I think as a Christian being taught Jesus' lessons would be more concerned if only a few are gonna make it to the kingdom of heaven. Are you gonna make it? Is others gonna make it? Are the listeners gonna make it? Are You the few? Who is few?

    We have seven billion people on this planet, so we have been told. Tell me something! With all your wisdom. How did we get to 7,000,000,000 people in 4,000 years since the flood, if in that 4,000 years we have literally killed billions of men, woman and children?

    Do the math and figure that one out. Common sense! Can't get to that number of people in 4,000 short years. No sir! Common sense! So then either we don't have 7,000,000,000 on the earth, or we have been here a lot longer than what we have been told. And since God is eternal I'm thinking we have been here a long mother f-ing time, much longer than 6,000 years. MUCH MUCH LONGER!

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    Jesus Christ is the god of this world. Jesus Christ is the Son of God also the Son of man. Jesus Christ was flesh and He was not perfect! Prove to me He was. You can't. You only have to have faith that He was, PERFECT!. Sorry! I place no lessons in any mans hands on this realm when "ALL MEN BE LIARS" Don't get me wrong! I respect you even though your lessons are wrong about Jesus. Straight talk.

    They say the biggest trick Satan did was pulling the wool over our eyes of his none existence. No! The biggest trick Satan pulled over your eyes was getting nations and billions of people to worship a deity god in Jesus Christ! That was the great misleading! This is the great misleading. WHY? Because even the elected have been taught and deceived of the lessons of Jesus Christ, on this realm! DO NOT CALL GOD BY NAME. JUST CALL HIM YOUR CREATOR! A name given to a god on this realm exists only because of language. When I die my Creator can say. "Hello my devoted son it is I your father, then give me His name. Until then I will never give my Creator a name. No sir! No way, no how!

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    Its time for people to wake up, and as long as you are placing Jesus Christ a Man born Flesh at God's throne. YOU WILL NOT BE ONE OF THE FEW TO INHERIT OUR CREATOR'S KINGDOM.

    Anytime you want to have a debate. Anytime you want to debate the scriptures I'm willing and ready to do so. All I bring is the Spirit of my Creator. You can bring Jesus! Pff.

    God the Creator VS Jesus the Created. Yeah! I know who my Spirit is going with. The one that breathed a spirit into me.

    In close this is why you must learn:

    Matthew 7:21 Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of My Father in heaven.

    Romans 10:13 for, “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” So which is it? Are we saved or are we not saved. Don't answer that. Right now you are not a saved Spirit of the Creator. Just saying!

    Hence the argument that the bible does contradict itself. Meaning you need to find the hidden message. English is a split tongue language. It always has two meanings. Its very evil. Everyday You and I both sin against God simply by speaking the English language. Those are the sins against God we do not understand or see, but they are there. Just saying!

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    John K. Carpenter.



  30. At least he's not selling drugs or breaking the law. However, I dont have any compassion for it.

  31. Be strong! My granddaughter was one pound 5 ounces at birth. Her a mom was only 23 weeks pregnant and my granddaughter will be earning her associates degree in May this year.
    Our Lord hear our prayers and He will hear yours too. 😊

  32. Please watch. very sad situation with innocent college student – https://youtu.be/HujPlUyTXRY

  33. I been at home with the flu and I finally cracked A large smile. GOD Bless this family!! I pray for Dylan…

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