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Dark mode really can save battery life on OLED iPhones

Dark mode really can save battery life on OLED iPhones

Testing shows an almost 30 percent increase in battery life!

See PhoneBuff’s full test

Read our full story on Engadget: https://www.engadget.com/2019/10/21/dark-mode-ios-13-test/

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  1. Good to know!

    I can start using this tip probably from 2022 or so when I finally get an OLED phone.


  2. Why is the thumbnail not an OLED phone lol

  3. And what about the IPhone 11?

  4. Oh. I was expecting this to be individual research. Not a voice over of a video I've already seen

  5. I wish I could pick and choose what I want in dark mode.

  6. Wow, you guys made a video based on a video test someone else did (PhoneBuff). That's embarrassing. Run your own tests.

  7. You sound exacltly like the guy from strange parts channel.

  8. This was demonstrated years ago by Windows Mobile

  9. You know we can just watch the video right?

  10. I downloaded Nova launcher back in the day just so I had an available dark theme. If my LG v35 has it already, I wouldn't know. LOL

  11. Definitely helps my eyes

  12. Using Pixel 3a , got a 11 hours SOT 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  13. Dark mode just looks way better anyway. I've been using it for as long as I can remember for as much as possible. Rooting was the only way before, it's about damn time the mainstream devs caught up

  14. This is old news . Obviously they do dude.

  15. iOS 13 has improved my iPhone 6s Plus battery life. LCD iPhone screen users can finally rejoice.

  16. what about screens with fald backlight. rare but still..

  17. Dark mode its been on android phones for a while but no one i think try to test it… Correct if im wrong…

  18. Only iPhone OLED screens save power Samsung not the case since their screens are so badly calibrated


  20. Jailbreaks will burn the battery

  21. Once you go black, you'll never go back.

  22. You just copied phone buff and made a video to keep your channel up to date to keep the views going. Should’ve made your own rundown/review.

  23. Wait you can just use someone else’s video like that lol

  24. come on android where you at

  25. @engadget wack, this is obvious and has been on samsung for a long while

  26. But most Apple users used cheaper iphone with old fashioned IPS LCD, so, dark mode on IOS actually only a gimmick for some without the hardware support.

  27. Dark mode does make a difference in preserving battery life. I've experienced this with my Samsung phone with One UI's Dark Mode. ❤

  28. Water is wet, the sky is blue. It's funny how android phones have been rocking oled for years and years but only after iPhone yet oled do the masses give two shits. The way of the world I guess

  29. Why is the iPhone 11 Pro smaller than the iPhone 11??

    Wtf , apple 😳

  30. Wow what amazing research. I mean they could have just looked any oled screen and come to the conclusion that an unlit oled pixel is not being powered thus not drawing power.

    It's lucky these tech boffins are out there doing the hard work so we don't have to.

    In other news the night follows day.

  31. i am completely baffled… that apple made that claim..

  32. Depends if your dark mode is dark grey or black…

  33. I use dark mode with black text and my phone lasts me days! …. I have no idea what I’m doing tho.

  34. You people should've asked me, I've been using Windows Phone devices for a long time, with that lovely dark mode. Sure haters will tell me it's a dead platform, but my Lumia 950XL still does things no other device can, it's still smooth and fluid as melted butter, I have a camera from 2015 that just barely today's Pixel 4 and iPhone 11 Pro are catching up, swappable batteries, fast charging, wireless charging, dual sim, SD card, 2K screen, headphone jack, even FM radio. So the app gap doesn't matter for me, since I've been using most apps from the web. Also wired or wireless I can use it as a PC with the Continuum functionality. In conclusion, dark mode does benefit battery endurance.

  35. I thought you guys did your own test. I already watched PhoneBuff’s video. Don’t waste my time going over someone else’s content.

  36. If all apps had a dark mode battery life could surly be almost doubled.

    12hr sot should be doable in 2021 I recon.
    5nm processor &optimisations to the os & dark mode on all apps.

  37. My phone is a Galaxy S9, and I legit did not know about this. Thank you.

  38. Did you run the test twice, with the dark and light modes swap between phones to rule out problems with the batteries?

  39. shows thumbnail of non-OLED iphone

  40. Where was this video for android phones with OLED screens lol

  41. In other news, water is wet

  42. This was common sense by now lol

  43. Wait… is this a reuploade .

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