Deadly Pennsylvania Turnpike crash shuts down highway | USA TODAY

At least 5 killed, dozens injured in Pennsylvania Turnpike crash

At least five people were killed and dozens injured in a massive crash that shut down almost 100 miles of the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

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  1. Notice that Fedex is always advertising in major crashes.

  2. The new-age music is a nice touch. Was this video assembled with Powerpoint?

  3. Oh my… these people wished for a good 2020…

  4. May the Lord have mercy on The Souls of all involved.
    May they rest in peace 😢

  5. Drivers of tractor trailers are too often very aggressive, careless and negligent on the road. A reds tractor trailer on the NJ turnpike was tailgating me even though he could have gone to lanes where there weren’t any cars. He was intentionally threatening me. Too common. God bless those who lost their lives in this accident

  6. It may be time to force a technology shift to high speed trains for transport of goods rather than the uncontrolled danger of these oversized trucks.

  7. NOT THE FEDEX TRUCK. What a horrific incident.. Rest In Peace to all those who have passed in this tragedy. And I hope all the injured are ok.

  8. Fed Ex, Swift, and so many other mega carriers, hiring low skilled, low IQ,low pay immigrant and minority people to cut costs at the price of public safety. In the old days you started in small trucks and worked your way up, now two or three weeks and they're out on the highway with 500 horsepower coming out of shithole countries that didn't even have trucks. Thanks Obama.

  9. I'm a Pittsburgh resident and drive the turnpike across the state at least twice a year. This is really sad and unfortunate regardless of who is at "fault", and my heart goes out to the families of all of those affected.
    I've often seen a lot of speeding in very narrow, mountainous, and winding areas of the turnpike and I find that the best strategy on general is defensive driving and hanging back in the right lane and just letting people pass, especially large trucks. I might piss the guy behind me off for like two seconds because I'm not willing to go 20 over the speed limit, but it certainly beats being involved in an accident that could have been avoided just because someone wanted to get to their destination five minutes quicker…
    I'm a millennial by the way, I don't see this as a generational issue, it's more of an issue involving the need to do everything in a hurry regardless of safety. It's not that hard to slow down, be courteous, and treat the other people on the road like they are exactly that..PEOPLE.

  10. The Penn TP is one of the most dangerous roads I have ever been on. During heavy rain, the water will not shed because of the concrete barriers, turning the whole road into a hydroplane surface. Plus, the truck drivers drive like complete assholes….as usual.

  11. Why is there so many dislikes

  12. It's beause these stupid ass truckers are all over the road, and they hire any moron with a clean license. Just put the shit on railroads already. its 2020 we figured this out 150 years ago what happened.

  13. All the packages that are gonna have to be refunded or reshipped

  14. Pray for them all. Looks like the tour bus rear-ended Fed-Ex in the middle of a convoy maneuver.

  15. This why Fedex is always late.

  16. This was USA Today's best shot at providing news coverage? If this isn't a prime example of new agencies being blatantly dismissive and neglectful of their duties.

  17. Dangerous section of road, a long winding way down a mountain

  18. On some of the videos you can see one body on each side covered by a white blanket 😥

  19. If the weather is bad why do people drive it just stupid just stay home til it goes by you risking your life just to be in it just stupid

  20. Keeping a good distance from vehicles in front of you is very important

  21. Quick … Make trucks and turnpikes illegal … They kill people …

  22. My packages better not be late over this bullshit fedex

  23. Must be an ignorant and speeding immigrant driver that caused it.

  24. This is only three miles from where I live. Fire whistles were echoing everywhere for hours. 😪

  25. I'm waiting for the Liberals to blame the NRA for the crash…

  26. N

  27. This is almost the same time and place of that big pile up four years ago-in the same weather.

  28. That's the worst turnpike ever.

  29. What the heck?! Geez how does this happen when everyone is driving in the same direction more or less? Wonder what the weather factor was like. Clearly some distraction somewhere involved. RIP to those lost.

  30. It was the bus drivers fault he hit the side of the road

  31. my guess is the buss is owned by foreign intrest and the driver is a recent imigrant !

  32. I refuse to drive that road for several reasons, F&@K THAT ROAD

  33. I hope fedex gives me my compensation

  34. I'm so glad that my stuff from Guitar Center got shipped by UPS.
    I would have been pissed if it was laying in a snowbank on the PA Turnpike.

  35. Thats why Pennsylvania drivers are rated worst in the country… PEOPLE CANT DRIVE FOR SHIT NOWADAYS!!!!!

  36. It was the Russian truck drivers for Fed Ex, these nuts are so money hungry insane, they have no situation awareness, they speed as fast as they can go under all conditions.
    It's the fault of Ray Martinez, the Director of the FMCSA, he allowed states to set their own standards for driver qualifying, and 98% give such an easy testing anyone can pass.
    And 95 of drivers from Cuba and the Latin America and the African republic drivers and the European Drivers 90 % have less than 6 months experience.
    They lie for each other to get the jobs and operate trucking companies

  37. The tour bus hit an embankment and caused this accident

  38. Hope someone had a dash cam. Maybe another road rage brake check caused the accident.

  39. Never go three wide in turn 2

  40. Why is FedEx always involved in almost every freeway wreck

  41. Fed ex contractors……. Pfffffft the worst.

  42. "Iran has claimed responsibility for the crash"

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