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Death Row Inmate Rodney Reed, Whose Case Received National Attention, Speaks Out | NBC Nightly News

Rodney Reed, who was convicted in 1998 of raping and killing 19-year-old Stacey Stites, tells NBC’s Ron Allen that he’s “absolutely innocent” of the crime. Reed says he had a consensual relationship with Stites and that new developments raise doubts over his conviction. The 51-year-old says he is “cautiously optimistic” as November 20, the date of his execution, approaches.
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Death Row Inmate Rodney Reed, Whose Case Received National Attention, Speaks Out | NBC Nightly News


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  1. People, this guy is guilty. You're being duped with what they're NOT TELLING YOU

  2. Just look at that Jimmy's face ! look at it ! it's written guilty all over it ! Free Rodney !!!

  3. If he is innocent, it's sad to hear about an innocent person get thrown under the bus.

  4. I pray to god touch the gov. Heart the devel is a liar.

  5. The man did it. No one lies for this long and then comes clean about a "affair".
    He shows no remorse, castration or death for a man with no honor

  6. I signed the petition. Please everyone sign

  7. You mean they dont forgive him. The judge didnt come out the stand and hug or shake his hand. Well the judge in amber guyger did. Need to forgive

  8. The ignorance of some of these comments is appalling….people should at least bother to learn a little more before jumping to conclusions…smh….. https://www.supremecourt.gov/DocketPDF/17/17-1093/45899/20180507150103836_Reed%20BIO%20FINAL.pdf

  9. His attorney is fricking racist!!!!!

  10. must love the youtube unknown errors 🙂 cant tell the truth here

  11. and what about is dna inside a 12 years old girl?

  12. In 2008, Jimmy Fennell was sentenced to 10 years in prison in the sexual assault of a woman in his custody as a Georgetown police officer. Maybe we should commute Rodney Reed's death sentence to life without parole, since there are so many unanswered questions. There's no sense in killing Reed when we know that Stacey Stites' murderer could've possibly been Jimmy Fennell, her ex-fiancé.

  13. They are just cocky and salty

  14. This wrong. So wrong. Half of his life has been ruined. He's been locked up even with evidence of innocence. I get that he's black but does that really make a difference? It's like painting your self black and then becoming a different person. I truly hope he gets the justice he deserves

  15. Again the Bible tells Hebrews/Black Americans avoid the other nations and do not mix with them and we keep sinning by laying and procreating with them causing yourself to be subject to their immoral and unjust justice system. Leave white people alone they have done sooooo much damage to you when will you learn?

  16. It was her white cop boyfriend that killed her after finding out she was cheating with a black guy.

  17. Look at it like this. A white cop and a black man. A girl engaged to the cop having and affair with the Black man. Its in the 90's.

    Cops can get away with anything.

    I believe Reed is innocent.

  18. 6 out of every 10 black men will be falsely accused of a crime that they didn’t commit especially when it’s a white victim

  19. He has 9 days left guys. Scary to think about that.

  20. I spread the poll on Snapchat, my friend knows him very well and he would never do this!

  21. I wonder if the Russians would have defeated Germany in WWII without the USA, the UK and the allies distracting Hitler?

  22. Hearsay evidence from an INMATE about the fiance admitting he had something to do with it? That doesn't change the fact this dude lied about knowing her.

  23. Just free the man. He didn't do it, PERIOD!

  24. I believe Rodney is lying, and his family is lying for him. Why no one, or anyone can substantiate that they saw Stacy and Rodney together outside his family? He claimed to have met her at some social event, then why can't anyone testify that they had seen them together?

  25. Well her husband was a cop so he knows how to cover it up and frame someone like Rodney reed .

  26. I can see why everyone in the comment section believes these lies!!! Afterall this is NBC, Fake News!!!

  27. Why are you guys then reaching out to stacy sister
    Their racist pigs
    Who reportedly told
    Even if he wasn't innocent he would still be guilty to them
    Why dont you reach out to stacy cousin
    Who expose them

  28. Why wait 22 years to tell yo truth cause i believe u

  29. How did his sperm get found in her body tho???

  30. 21 years, death row……sad. What this man has lost, only God can give back to him.

  31. But how can the prosecution ignore the alleged new evidence.? The US justice system is a joke. This is a person's life we're talking about. You gotta review all evidence and prove guilt beyond reasonable doubt before sending him to the gallows smh

  32. #FreeRodneyReed #KillNobody song By 33Trapper & Nikeboy
    Spoken word by Community Activist Ricky Jason

  33. The title should be When Swirling Goes Wrong!

  34. I have proof i need to share, im on vacation and will call on November 22st

  35. This guy is telling the truth.

  36. His family TOLD HIM to leave her alone. Then this what happens. He was hardheaded. Maybe he had a soft heart but he should’ve left her alone.

  37. If he's innocent then why did he lie about knowing her

  38. Trump will pardon him and the msm will want to execute him


  40. Hmmm 1996, a small racist town in Texas, she was engaged to a cop but was having an affair with a black man. Cop found out killed her and framed him and is probably going to get away with it. Good job Texas an innocent person is going to die so you can look good.

  41. I’ve been praying for Rodney &’ his family GOD is in complete CONTROL &’ vengeance definitely belongs to JESUS 🙏🏼💯🤞🏼❤️

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