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Death Row Request | National Geographic

Death Row Request | National Geographic

A team of defense lawyers attempt to save a man with a tragic childhood from death row.
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Explorer: Inside Death Row : http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/series/explorer/4082/Overview

Death Row Request | National Geographic

National Geographic

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  1. Proportionally speaking, you wouldn't even keep a hamster in a cage that small.

  2. Reminds me of the green mile!

  3. Hang on Willy Willy hang one.

  4. Can they get a big bottle of liquor before they get stamped out?

  5. I don't believe in the death penalty why take a human being's life just life in prison even if they did something wrong

  6. I wish I could say that I feel sorry for him, but I just can't. Choosing the action, chooses the consequences.

  7. No more hand-jive for Willie.

  8. “People think I’m crazy but I’m telling you something, I would hire Pondexter to babysit my boy.” Yea your crazy😐

  9. RIP, Willie Pondexter. hope you have found peace. Also RIP to the victim, Mrs. Martha Lennox.

  10. Fucking pathetic. Feel sorry for his childhood, but dont give two shits that he "wont do it again". He did it once, and that is enough. Society and our laws will insure, at least this one, will not do it again.

    A good man comes from a broken home and pushes himself to be better. A bad man comes from a broken home, and uses it as an excuse to justify his horrible actions. Fuck him. I'll throw the switch…

  11. a plea for Mercy you f**** coward did the one that you killed plea for mercy you didn't give it so you should not get it

  12. The Death penalty is a joke…. And it makes you no better than the criminal that you are executing….

  13. I feel bad watching negative stuff like this , I think about life too much , i hope this doesn't happen to me or I get framed , im going to start thinking positive from now on , and pray every night

  14. He's an animal. Rabid animals must be put down.

  15. May i ask a Simple question: why is american Republicans are for Death penalty and hardly give a stay? and why are American Democrats not for death penalty and for stays.. we in Canada do not have death penalty..

  16. "Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her." John 8:7. Personally I take what Jesus says to heart. I'm a sinner just as he was a sinner.

  17. He was one of 5 people involved in the Robbery and murder of an 85year old woman. He claims he didn't fire the fatal shot , wow . This woman was shot twice once in the Face once in the Head .

  18. I had a troubled childhood as well and I'm not walking around killing people.


  20. It's not even the full story. Tf wrong with you people.

  21. Asking the executive branch for mercy…mercy as in, the kind that the victim begged for while these people choked or beat or stabbed the life out of them? Ya right.

  22. I hope people who are against execution have someone in their family butchered, tortured, raped and taken away from them for life.  Then see if they have the same sympathy then… 

  23. And he is still cutting his eyebrow to the way the gangs do it in their. His lawyer is just saying whatever he has to to try to help his case. Despicable!!!

  24. I have been to prison. I messed up and I even knew I should of been sent there. And I was OK with the judges decision to send me there. But I learned my lesson. I walk a straight line. But prison is full of guys like this that will never learn their lesson. I think that when a persons kills somebody, if they have changed any because of it, they would know they deserve to die, and they would go quietly. And 70% of the people coming out of prison have only gotten worse. Because the worse you are in prison the better you have it. Unless you are a baby raper, or a rapist, then you get the best jobs and the most play through the jail. They are protected more than the guy who is trying to better himself. It is a system/business setup to keep the problem thriving. And business is good.

  25. use the body parts for people in need

  26. babysit your boy….you are a fucking lunatic……they should take your son before u get him killed one day…..thank god for states like texas and florida….

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