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Deaths spike on Mt. Everest

As more tourists flock to Mt Everest, seasoned climbers are venturing out to discover new mountains to scale.

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  1. Nepal govt to earn easy money giving permission to untrained climber.. It should be stopped immediately.

  2. Respect to Nepal Sherpa from Indian Sherpa 🇮🇳🇳🇵

  3. The world is overcrowded anyway, so?

  4. Most mountaineers of the world have nothing to prove. They do it for the love of it. But Everest has a disproportionate number of rich amateurs massaging their ego's

  5. It is crazy to see traffic jam in Everest. Just shows you people's got too much money and nothing else to do

  6. Everest isn’t a tourist destination. Nepal needs to ensure that only well experienced and strong able climbers get passes to climb.

  7. To the Sherpas: Take THEIR money. Take your clients as high as THEY can possibly go. YOU Come back down safely. If they are insufficient, that is THEIR problem.

  8. when the lung fills with liquid, nothing can be done, this is what happens

  9. Can we just take a moment and give those sherpas all the credit!!

  10. Before they let one more ego maniac hike this mountain they need to remove all the dead rotting carcasses and all the trash. We all realize your first priority is to talk about your achievement but please, I promise you we see you as a total waste of time at this point. Do something we can all be proud of because your making us all sick to death over this pointless event.

  11. This makes the biggest peak in the world look like a joke … as usual thanks to greed

  12. My beautiful nepal 🇳🇵 ✊

  13. You cant blame the death Climbers, because the sherpas seems to promise do everything for the climbers except death…

  14. We built an award-based system. Not an experienced-based system. I was put in a baby contest. We have been taught to value winning since a baby.

  15. It's just Darwinism, You just got to love that "climb higher" corporate tourism mentality, keep them coming baby
    I love it….

  16. She is a brave woman 👩 Alzazera please her contact no. If she is still single then i could go for everyday trip to Everest 😂

  17. One word for 'CLIENTS'…..'STUPID'?

  18. Poor over worked sherpas.
    Do thy get bonus when they carry down a dead body?

  19. The climbers should not have sherpas. There have been people who climbed Everest with no sherpa help and no oxygen cans. You either have it, or You don't.

  20. Everest is providing the only known cure for NPD.

  21. She is right about the attitude of the climbers, but there are 2 kind of mountains one is Highest and one is dangerous. Mt everest is no matter highest in the world but not that danger compared to other mountain's. The people get two benefits. 1 climb the world highest mountain and 2. Its a bit easy compared to K2 or others. I even saw some Vloggers were on the top of Mt everest.

  22. I thought I detected a small eartquake here in Auckland the other day . But it was just Ed Hillary turning in his grave

  23. Does this mountain Everest climber activity start this year ?why don't have good facilities for them because they are paying good money for it and why the service people described they customers such way said ego and not listen that's why they dead!what is rules and policies ?If you can't care for life why you organise this program?

  24. Why don't they prep more for the foreigner, im not even from their an can tell you how dumb us tourists are!!

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