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Debunking Voter Fraud

Why Voter ID Laws are the biggest scam in politics: because in-person Voter Fraud is as rare as getting eaten by a mountain lion. Become a member at http://TYT.com/JOIN

Brett Erlich presents this latest episode in TYT’s series on what it means to be a Progressive. Future episodes include; Progressive Values, Medicare for All, Living Wage, Criminal Justice, Fiscal Responsibility, Student Debt, #MeToo, Immigration, and GETTING MONEY OUT OF POLITICS!

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  1. He might of lost the popular vote but he's still your president😂

  2. Democrats have been using dead votes for years nothing new, they've been doing it in Chicago for decades

  3. As always with the right-wing lunatics, it's a case of hypocrisy and projection. The VAST majority of voter fraud is committed by REPUBLICAN voters!

  4. Here in Sweden, you have to have a foto id/passport to vote. The id most people use is there driver's licenses but if you don't have one you can book a time to go to your local tax office and order an id and it will only set you back about 35-40 bucks.
    The id makes it easier and faster to show who you are. Last time I went to vote I went into the voting area gave them my id and my voting card (that you get sent to you in the post) and they checked me off the list it took about 1.5 minutes and then I could go and cast my vote.

  5. Local elections – no ID, elections of Federal government – Passport. Easy.

  6. I get that you thought that this was compelling since it had GOP people "frothing at the mouth" and that you felt that was enough proof, but it was nowhere near that. That's a compelling fact. Now, give us more. Why did the study find so little? What was the measurement? Where did that come into play? Guys, this video is just lazy.

  7. EVERY civilized country has voter ID.

  8. TYT think black people are too dumb to get ID…

  9. You know voter fraud happens when the democrats fight against voter ID. If it's not happening, no problem… just take your ID right?

    "If you vote, you're citizen"- Obama 2016

  10. I live in Puerto Rico and here it’s OBLIGATORY to have a voting ID, I don’t see what’s wrong with that. Also they are free u just need to show some copies of legal papers and DONE!!!! Every boy and girls that becomes the legal age to vote (18) is encourage to get one. 🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷

  11. So the same people who want lots more government programs and regulation want the OPPOSITE thing when it comes to a fully accountable voting system with checks against the same kind of election interference they just accused the Russians of committing. Something smells fishy here.

  12. Trust me hispanics here, legally or illegaly do not vote especially the illegal ones. They dont call the police or want to associate with any Gov. So you really think they are going to go vote next to a bunch of Americans. They hardly know any english so you really think the elections are going to be in spanish for them? Lol trumpsters believe anything and everything he says

  13. The internet opinions are real.

  14. Cenk I am in Martha's vineyard so I will go back to being behind in Youtubeland probably a great way to get away from all these sexist retard that love rape and want it to continue to stay legal

    I will catch up when I can and these purple mattresses aren't the worst I can deal with it it is similar to the one I sleep on in my room maybe a bit harder

    Much prefer the basement sofa I love how it feels my mom is a moron that thinks it's to hard but it's pretty soft but not to soft kind of how the purple matters claims itself to be

  15. Where all my small government peeps at?

  16. Why do we even have to give our names when we vote?

  17. Im not gonna lie i always thought it was odd that i wasnt asked for my ID since the first time I voted.

  18. R E D T I D E 2018 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  19. Hey, it is stopping Russians from voting and effecting swing states. It is sorta ironic to see Russiaphobes yell about election integerity and still oppose voter ID laws. Remember what Moore said in his new movie. Trump's margin was like two voters per percient in Michigan. Let me engage in the kind of mentally ill conspiracy theoritizing done on this channel. Hey, what if Russias used mafia laundered money through NRA and republican connected banks and paid people to go and vote in multiple places. Hey, the Russians have the list of every voter in American and have great stats on them than neither polticial party and Facebook have.

  20. 175 bucks? No problem for you elitist progressives who ridicule marginalized poor uneducated people, and commonly refer to them as inbred white trailer trash. You would think that progressives would welcome Voter ID laws to hamper the MAGA enthusiasts right to vote.

  21. Voter fraud isn't that big of a problem. I'll give you that but people on the left are trying to allow non-citizens to vote in public elections sooo…

  22. Idiot. If you use a credit card to pay for groceries, they ask for photo ID to avoid fraud.

  23. So black and latino people are smart enough to go to the DMV to get a drivers license but if they are not driving they are not smart enough to get a state ID at the same location and now you can even order your ID online. I mean how much more racist can you get? We black people can take care of ourselves we don't need white people to help, you democrats have done enough to black people we don't need your so called "help"

  24. Why are minorities less likely to have ID? The default setting is you have the right to bear arms, you still need ID to buy a gun.

  25. We don't have voter ID laws in Jersey, because no one wants to go to the DMV to get an ID. 😛

  26. I don´t understand ID´s without photos. how is that safe or secure in any way?

  27. Sweet. We will just keep deporting your voters while you bitches watch us do it, too.

  28. As a one time Democrat you will never win until you get your heads straight, stay on this same path and all you will be doing is cussing after every election, get out of your dream world or suffer a doomed future !!!!!!!!!!!!!! You dam dumb a*s

  29. YOU PEOPLE ARE SICK I'm just going to start calling you the young jerks you disgust and repulse me Hey jerks after this execution of Judge K the democratic party is over they are going to loose big time in the November mid terms. I have witnessed the destruction of the democrats and they did it to themselves !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. The right wingers in power want to stop Democrats from winning by blocking areas that are more likely to vote Democrat.

  31. Right wingers blame voter fraud for the demographic shift. They cant accept that they never will win the popular vote again. Trumpists and other right wingers hate the fact that they're the minority and the majority of the country cant stand them.

  32. Of course voter fraud exists- republican do it all the time.

  33. They would have to charge a few pesos to make illegals some cards . The cost of ink alone would cost a fortune, have you seen the size of some of their names?

  34. Here in Canada, we simply receive a registered voter card and show that along with any photo id. We’re even still allowed to vote without the registration card. Just need to show a piece of mail alongside id and they register you in the system on the spot before you vote. Either way, the process is easier than the American voting system. Whether or not it’s more secure, is another story.

  35. They should do what the Caribbean do, just use ink, the make will be on your finger and they will know that you have already voted…

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