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Deep Dive: Warren, Sanders’ Justice Reform Plans

Deep Dive: Warren, Sanders’ Justice Reform Plans

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Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders plan to make amazing changes to the broken justice system. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down.

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“Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Tuesday outlined a stem-to-stern criminal justice overhaul that would abolish the death penalty and end cash bail, while unwinding most of the 1994 crime bill and investing heavily in diversion programs.

The Democratic presidential candidates have largely agreed on the broad strokes — and necessity — of reimagining the US’ approach to criminal justice, which has led to a crisis of mass incarceration that disproportionately affects minorities and the poor.
Warren’s plan, which she spelled out in a new Medium post, would decriminalize marijuana and repeal large swaths of the 1994 crime bill, the most enduring product of the “tough on crime” era. Democrats and some Republicans have been critical of the bill, which has become a point of contention for former Vice President Joe Biden, who took ownership of the legislation while he was Senate Judiciary chairman. Biden on the trail has routinely defended his role in its crafting.”

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. Protect yourself from prying eyes on the internet. Head to https://NordVPN.com/TYT or use code TYT to get 75% off a 3-year plan. For a limited time, use code TYT for a free month.

  2. Fun Fact: Since Body Cams for Police were first Used in trials over ten years ago, The number of police-brutality and police harassment claims has remained fairly constant, but the number of FRAUDULENT police brutality claims prosecuted and related perjury charges against motorists has skyrocketed by over 500%. What story does this tell?

  3. Cal Fire pays a 'whopping' $1 per hour to prison firefighters, for risking their lives on the frontlines of wild fires — thereby saving the state of CA $60-100million per year. The nonviolent prisoners do it to try to earn time off their sentences. Where was Kamala Harris when early parole for nonviolent offenders (used by Cal Fire) was being considered in court and she was AG of CA? She was 'absent' and claims she didn't know the case was being presented.

  4. The majority of people in jail are in there for petty crimes like possession of marijuana this government is wicked they benefit from this Racket this country is controlled by criminals the Founding fathers were thug criminals too how do you find a land and claim it’s your when people of indigenous decent were already here the insanity is real with these White supremacist Psychos

  5. 100% Bernie's and Warren's plans on this as we had a good friend who's son recently forgot to take his meds one day, grabbed a 4" kitchen knife and told his parents to leave him alone but didn't attempt to hurt them. The police were called, the boy walked out his front door and without any warning, the police shot him 6 times, killing him instantly! The parents were horrified!! The police were called to calm the situation and simply get the knife from the boy, not kill him. These types of incidents happen every day in the U.S. and it's disgusting!

  6. damn i wish we had an Aussie Young turks branch

  7. Why are they against facial recognition software to fight crime? Wouldn't you want to know if a criminal was in your neighborhood?

  8. How do you stay in business? Less than a 10th of your subscribers view your videos. Your media team must be slave labor or something. Are y'all taking advantage of the illegal immigration crisis to deal with the drastically low viewership?

  9. Does Bernie get his hairdo from humping a light socket?

  10. The Big Pharma people should go to prison for letting loose Opiods. They are suppose to do tests to see the side affects of ANY DRUG THEY INVENT. So, how did this one escape their notice? Heads should roll. They get solitary confinement to boot.

  11. List of candidate capable of seeing the big picture and solving the problems which caused Trump: 1) Yang and 2) Bernie. That is the list, I didn't forget anyone. In that order too. Bernie is highly intelligent and Yang is brilliant. Those both have deep vision, but Yang sees even deeper than Bernie does. Will either win? Probably not, because most Americans want a politician to tell them what they want to hear about the simplistic surface reality they see. The problems are very complex, nuanced, interconnected…. so phony politicians like Biden, Harris and Warren won't solve nothing important. They can't see behind the curtains, thus don't possess the tools to get to the roots of the problems. Nor are they genuine enough to care to do so. Yang and Bernie are on a mission to make America better, much better.

    America has moved so far to the right, the GOP party is far right wing only. The more reasonable right wingers have moved to Democrats and will vote for corporate hacks and conservative minded Democrats like Biden, Harris and Warren. For Biden to claim that he is the most Progressive candidate is laughable. I'm not American, but I can see the difference between liberal and conservative mindsets and the US has (in my life time) always been more conservative minded overall. The younger generation of Americans are smarter, but are they enough to get a true Progressive President elected. The older generation is too stuck in the mud and ignorant. Obviously not all, but most. Progressives are inevitable, but is America ready yet. I'm hopeful, but not too sure. Yang is absolutely brilliant and genuine as they come and he is polling at 3%.

  12. Police use crisis negotiators/psychologists during a hostage, yet using a mental health liaison with police is "TOO RADICAL" of an idea.

  13. BernieSanderson2020 and I want Tulsi Gabbard as either VP or Secy of State! I really think Bernie and Tulsi would make a great balanced ticket!

  14. I HATE these suggestions, waaaay tooo radical, ending for profit prisons!!???? WTF!!!!

  15. I'll just leave this here… each states primary voting dates in alphabetical order (carefully typed out by yours truly)

    Alabama- March 3, 2020

    Alaska- April 4, 2020

    Arizona- March 17, 2020

    Arkansas- March 3, 2020

    California- March 3, 2020

    Colorado- March 3, 2020

    Connecticut- April 28, 2020

    Delaware- April 28, 2020

    Florida- March 17, 2020

    Georgia- March 3, 2020

    Hawaii- April 4, 2020

    Idaho- March 10, 2020

    Illinois- March 17, 2020

    Indiana- May 5, 2020

    Iowa- February 3, 2020

    Kansas- May 2, 2020

    Kentucky- May 19, 2020

    Louisiana- March 7, 2020

    Maine- March 3, 2020

    Maryland- April 28, 2020

    Massachusetts- March 3, 2020

    Michigan- March 10, 2020

    Minnesota- March 3, 2020

    Mississippi- March 10, 2020

    Missouri- March 10, 2020

    Montana- June 2, 2020

    Nebraska- May 12, 2020

    Nevada- February 22, 2020

    New Hampshire- February 11, 2020

    New Jersey- June 2, 2020

    New Mexico- June 2, 2020

    New York- April 28, 2020

    North Carolina- March 3, 2020

    North Dakota- June 9, 2020

    Ohio- March 10, 2020

    Oklahoma- March 3, 2020

    Oregon- May 19, 2020

    Pennsylvania- April 28, 2020

    Rhode Island- April 28, 2020

    South Carolina- February 29, 2020

    South Dakota- June 2, 2020

    Tennessee- March 3, 2020

    Texas- March 3, 2020

    Utah- March 3 ,2020

    Vermont- March 3, 2020

    Virginia- March 3, 2020

    Washington- March 10, 2020

    West Virginia- May 12, 2020

    Wisconsin- April 7, 2020

    Wyoming- March 2020

    Note: In states in which the Democratic Primary and the Republican Primary are set on different dates, I only included the Democratic Primary. Please comment if there are changes or mistakes

  16. Bernie Sanders for President 2020.

  17. Bernie still rocking that timeless hairstyle….

  18. Bernie Sanders is a walking nightmare for the people who own America.

  19. I agree totally for profit prisons are a joke they cut costs and have no problem with inhuman conditions to increase their profits

  20. i am sorry, I am not going for Bernie – i kind of blame him for us having this clown in office now. I actually kind of like Warren though

  21. Use to work in the prison system and community corrections. Learned that it was so punitive, so got the hell out of the industry. Most corporations and most companies will not hire a felon. Hope this plan would assist those released from prison to getting a decent wage, which would assist the required conditions of parole of getting a job. Hence, it would reduce those going back due to a violation of parole.

  22. The prisoners today could be your neighbour tomorrow . It is your interest that prisons actully reform people and allow them to have a stable enough life to prevent them from turning back to hard crime on release.

  23. Yang wants to send opioid addicts to treatment instead of prison so they stop hiding it until they OD. Neither Bernie or Warren have the courage to propose this.

    The amount of opioids you have to consume to get high gradually increases. The amount needed to DIE does not. If your an addict, and you don't get help, you will die.

    Yangs proposal could've saved my brother.

  24. bernie has the best bill !!!

  25. Good god. These law and order people are really just scared of everything. Scared of logic even. It’s just ridiculous.

  26. Who is going to pay for it the cops are out gunned dont they get it these people are crazy and yes I have been in prison so I know first hand

  27. About the mentally ill and police being called. Either the medical people who respond have to be trained highly or send police trained as paramedics/psych nurse or dr. You CANNOT send in just health people . If people are that mentally ill or drug induced psychosis they are extremely DANGEROUS UNPREDICTABLE AND STRONG. I think someone should do a special report or story on this. Go on ride alongs or something to see first hand what is happening.

  28. Ana said that police don't need military grade weapons, but the right wing terrorists have this weaponry. Remember the Hollywood bank heist debacle where the first responders were hopelessly out equipped and outgunned. Police need military style weapons to respond to the perps of mass shootings, but they also need to stop military responses against 5 year old girls who take Barbie dolls.

  29. If Governments are NOT prepared to adopt these kinds of policies, then they should all be fined for False Advertising for calling their agencies Department of Corrections or Department of Rehabilitation – clearly they are NOT interested in the least in correcting or rehabilitating – only punishment and profit…

  30. Police became militarized after Hollywood shootout.

  31. I have been listening to Bernie for 20 years and Elizabeth since the bailout. They are the only Democrats with a vision and a plan. Quite frankly, Bernie is the ONLY old white guy that I ever want to vote for again.

  32. Everything. Every. Single. Thing. That Bernie proposes is more progressive than the Warren equivalent. Why ANYONE supports her over Bernie is beyond me 🙄

  33. Taxpayers Pay to house ALL inmates. In public Prisons they train them in jobs so they will enter society & become Taxpayers themselves & not return. Private For Profit Prisons are like hotels, they want inmates to stay for owners profit & fail when released, so they will return. More expensive for society

  34. I guess all the criminals get away with murder literally, but the victims suffer. Yes great idea you crazy libs.

  35. Bernie:
    1994 HR 3355 Omnibus crime bill…Yea
    1995 HR 728 Anti-Crime bill….Nay

  36. the pharmaceutical companies have never said their opioids are not addictive…the times i have been given a prescription, i have been warned by both the doctor and the pharmacy…and told to read the inserts from the manufacturer–which are very clear about the potential for addition. what the drug companies unfortunately do say is that when taken as recommended, the addition risk is very low. the problem is that without a doctor's direct intervention, most patients have a very difficult time withdrawing from even the lower dosages. also, the drug has been very popular in the nightclubs because they are a legal drug, and in those environments, the info on the street about the drug would always override whatever the drug company might say anyway.

  37. Are complete lies. Trump passed the 1st Step Act. Bernie voted for 1994 Crime Bill. They are pandering for black votes. They won't do shit. They could have submitted bills already but have not.

  38. "Speaking out against the 94 crime bill" Anna? You mean the SAME BILL HE VOTED FOR ALONG WITH BIDEN THAT DEVESTATED COMMUNITIES OF COLOUR? Ooops, that doesn't fit yall's agenda, does it?

  39. Idaho just got rid of for profit prisons. I work for an oregon state prison and let me tell you, those guys arent paid fair, innocent people are locked up, solitary and segregation are just way too widely used, and prices for canteen are ABSURD. Feel the Bern guys. I dont care who you vote for just vote!


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