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Defining ‘Latinx’ And The Term’s Growing Popularity | NBC News NOW

Democratic presidential campaigns are trying to expand outreach to Latinos by using the gender-neutral term “Latinx”. NBC News spoke to UC Berkeley sociologist Cristina Mora about the term’s growing popularity.
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Defining ‘Latinx’ And The Term’s Growing Popularity | NBC News NOW


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  1. Latinex is to make you a subject.

  2. Only 2% of Latinos use Latinx. Something like 3% for younger people. Just a few SJWS trying to be politically correct which could give us 4 more years of Trump.

  3. The label “latino” let alone “latinx” is growing sour on me too because it reminds me of those foodie YouTube channels that go to some place like Mexico and use Cuban salsa music instead of actual Mexican music in the background in their videos. It’s an increasingly gross generalization.

  4. Why don’t other labels have sexuality injected into them? Why are you using a Spanish word like latino in an English-speaking context to begin with? Just say Latin American or do you also call Chinese people in the U.S., “Zhongguoren”? The French came up with the label latino and Mexico defeated the French which is celebrated on Cinco de Mayo. Stop generalizing nationalities.

  5. How embarrassing for Hispanics..

  6. I didn't understand a word that woman said.

  7. leprous mix, very first label.

  8. Our first Gender Neutral culture. I love it, we can now consider all countries below the equator to be Gender Neutral. You guy's rock with diversity.

  9. Proud Latino!!! Is everyone understanding the point? I'm tired of all the labels!

  10. Follow the money – this is all about middle class issues that need addressing -Sanders. We should be ready to tackle these issues this election. It isnt an overnight solution but middle class are used to being patient in order to see the "light" at the end of the tunnel.

  11. Stupid giving politician money like if they going todo something important with it for the people.

  12. I got your Latino platano, Toma

  13. Ive never given and never will to any politician they make plenty of of us let them us their money

  14. I'm a latino and we don't like the word latinx

  15. How much was donated to Trump? Typical fake news. Just half the story.

  16. This is not a thing. Latinos dont want to be called that.

  17. Stupid.

    Giving people money so they can gain the power to take more of your money.

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