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Definitive Proof That Kavanaugh Lied

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Brett Kavanaugh was caught lying multiple times during yesterday’s hearing. Cenk Uygur, Tom Morello, Ben Mankiewicz, and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down.


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“On Thursday, after listening to testimony from Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and his accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, several Republican senators said they would vote to confirm the nominee because it’s impossible to determine which witness—Ford or Kavanaugh—is telling the truth. Actually, it’s easy. We don’t know for certain whether Kavanaugh sexually assaulted Ford. But we do know that Kavanaugh lied repeatedly in his testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee. Here are some of his lies.”

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Tom Morello, Ben Mankiewicz

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Tom Morello, Ben Mankiewicz


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  1. Immaculate? It was so many inconsistencies in the Dr. Ford hearing. Honestly, neither are very credible that’s why we need evidence. Stop with the this he said she said bullshit.

  2. It has been a week now. The left were pleading for a four day, or a week long FBI investigation. Now they have it, how are the results? Obviously not well, now we are accusing him of throwing ice 30 years ago. The left are really reaching out for anything at this point.

  3. Who are you talking to when all over your comments clearly disagree.

    Edit and why are you people wearing jackets over t shirts… Foolish

  4. Tom Morello women should be in the lead from now one. Why sir did you get to talk at all. Why are there so many men here. Don't say it practice it. Shut up let women talk

  5. Women aren't ganna save the country sorry to tell you. Men alone aren't ganna save this country together united we can save this country. Sick and tired of that bigoted bs sexual predators get them out of office crooked people as well, but the shame of all men and deprivation of us overall will only lead to many more problems

  6. Cenk and the whole gang are a bunch of ridiculous cranks LOL – "it's obvious" "of course it is" "who wouldn't believe" oh shit yeah real credible stuff there guys

  7. I am an Australian living in Asia but I will be holding a celebration when Kavanaugh gets appointed. Truly a great day. And the humorous antics of the left have provided fantastic entertainment. Thank you guys.

  8. By the way, Anna, she may have said that in the article; however, when questioned under penalty of felony, she stated that she has never met Kavanagh. You are a disgrace. Do some research or pay someone to do it for you. Your ignorance is astounding. Stop basing your arguments on the CNN "highlights" and sit down, watch the process in its entirety, and then fact check your points. It's not that hard, I promise. Maybe then, you may gain a shred of credibility.

  9. I cannot believe what an absolute joke this whole video is. It's mind boggling how you have basically stated over and over that your OPINIONS are proof this man is lying. Do even a little bit of research you ridiculous bunch of hacks! PROOF IS BASED ON FACTS, and if you "journalists" bothered to read past the first paragraph of the article you googled for your "research," you might not look as foolish as you consistently do. You really should be ashamed.

  10. He got that coke sniff going on.

  11. Hey DemoKKKrats. You lose….again!!!

  12. Get rid of this mother ducking slime ball

  13. just a little info, back in the day we used to say "oofing" as having sex (ex. they were oofing last night). The word boofing is a funny slang we used by combining butt and oofing, referring to butt sex… but(t) whatever.

  14. i just came because i needed a laugh and what better way to get a laugh than 2 min with the young turks. a george soros affiliated journalist group that takes themselves seriously.

  15. STUPID TITLE. Another student in the high school yearbook said he invented the term "devil's triangle" as a drinking game. You can see his entry online and read his letter to congress. No way this conspiracy goes back to the 1980s. Cenk saying "ohhh come on you know it doesn't mean it's a drinking game, you know it" is NOT DEFINITIVE proof. Trash journalistic integrity.

  16. The only goody two shoes in politics is probably Obama…he had to be to become the first black president…poor guy!

  17. Talking about sexual predator with sunglasses 😒

  18. One sexual predator already a Republican choice in the supreme court Plus another one ???

  19. Kavanaugh such a pathetic phony liar 🤥

  20. 6 FBI investigations into his character, give me a break!!!

  21. If that's "definitive proof" then I can understand why everyone on every side cries fake news. TYT is as tribal as FOX.

  22. His red face indicates alcoholism. His sniffing is because he’s a come head. The most narcissistic people are often the highest in the public eye.

  23. I didn’t know Devil’s Triangle….hmmm… this guys just creepy

  24. im pathetic…Im 30 and i didn't know what a devils triangle i havent lived….

  25. OK. We KNOW he lied…and continues to LIE. What will be done about it? Enough with the new clips on these liars.

  26. You can tell he was lying from the beginning and then he really got to control once the Democrats started to question him his face turn beet-red he was irritated he was frustrated he was became belligerent room defensive then his face of tone down and get an order once he starts walking to the Republicans his actions and his demeanor his behavior shows guilty it's a disgrace watching him even his wife went from looking at him to barely looking at him and a wife know when a husband is lying and she definitely saw all of that today because she seen it in the past and I'm sure she has seen him getting wasted or went out and got wasted and come home and was very rude and mean to her her face says it all and before you Republicans comment on this I'm not a Republican or I'm not a Democrat so don't give me that bull crap on I'm defending the Democrats because they as guilty as the Republicans I didn't support the clintons then and I don't support her now just like I don't support that orange one that rapist he's rude disrespectful that's why he likes Kevin all so much because they have the same behaviors and Outlook towards woman

  27. Kava Not is a 🐽 and a preditor…

  28. “Women will fix this country”….

    Whoa there buddy….
    Calm down.
    Down overcorrect.
    Plenty… PLENTY, of women are horrible people. In roughly equal proportions of men.

    No one race or sex is intrinsically better.

  29. How come the UB40 incident wasn't on his calendar?

  30. Cristina Blazy Up the Blunts Ford looks like the crazy psychologist villain from every B Hollywood psycho-crime-drama!

  31. unbiased as usual TYT, what a bunch of c***s

  32. Maybe Justice has been WEINHearted🙈🤢😭NOooo!

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