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Degrassi's Alex Steele

Degrassi's Alex Steele

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  1. The writers should have kept Alex Steele as Angela Jeremiah. I think it would have been cooler and they could have kept more of the original cast from "Degrassi High" in the series since Joey Jeremiah is Angela's father. I probably would have kept watching the show.

  2. Alex steele really grew into herself not that she was ugly when she was a kid she was actually adorable but now no homo but she is BOMB !!!!! πŸ™‚

  3. I was Like OMG when I saw she played Craig's little sis back in thahhh day lol flip thah switch please …. Hold Dahh Phone …. SayyyyWattttt πŸ™‚

  4. exactly! some ppl just ask dumb questions lol

  5. Because they've moved on. It's a new generation of Degrassi. Bringing up old characters wouldn't help.

  6. yes i remember because it was awful.

    i was just making a point about the desire of the showrunners to move on completely with new characters. only snake is still there, and notice they dont mention emma or spike much if ever.

    bringing angie back, but not having craig or at least joey there would be poor writing. and we cant have poor writing on degrassi.

  7. Craig lives in LA and has a girlfriend. Remember the movie Degrassi Goes to Hollywood? Ellie runs into Craig.

  8. Joey Jeremiah moved to Calgary and had to take Angela with him. That is why Alex Steele is back on Degrassi as a different character.

  9. i find it soo cool that cassie steele was in degrassi and was an important character in that show and now alex is able to be in degrassi and kind of like make it seem like its a family thing

  10. everyone is from Toronto!!!!!! are there no other places in Canada??!!??

  11. Teens react brougt me here too!

  12. She should of just stayed as Angela. :/ I wish the writers would just say that she changed her name or idk but I want her as Angela, Not Tori !

  13. if they brought her back theyd have to bring back joey, and eventually craig, most likely and they're trying to move on with new characters.

  14. I think because Angela was moved out with Joey as mention back in Season 6.

  15. Exactly like her sister Cassie

  16. I dont kniw why but i just think its so cool that she used to play angela and is cassies little sister in real life

  17. omg i totally know that she played angela,

  18. its almost like Alex is the new Manny and Maya is the new Emma

  19. I feel like she should've just picked up her role as Angela, it could've been so cool and Joey could've been back!

  20. ikr she should just keep playing angela

  21. she's like a spitting image of her sister

  22. Loving the new niners so far. Tori's relationship with Tristan is prob the most interesting thing of the season so far.

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