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Dell Inspiron line at IFA 2018

Dell Inspiron line at IFA 2018

Dell gives its Inspiron 2-in-1 laptops a meaningful refresh
The entire series of midrange laptops got a nice update. The new Inspirons come with narrower bezels, redesigned heat dissipation with vents carved into their hinges, USB-C DisplayPort compatibility and Alexa.

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  1. How is the screen on these models compared to last year's? As in the color gamut?

    And how is the battery life compared to last year's?

  2. Uhh…no headphone jack!?

  3. Like the 14" 2in1…would be a no brainer if it's got a 4k screen. Not mentioned.

  4. The power button should be more discrete, it's stupid show an ugly fingerprint simbol beside it.

  5. This lady always overreacts..Show her less show more the product

  6. All they have are cheep laptops, nothing for pro, why they don’t make any thing for Video Editors & Photographers. Do Dell has any thing like Razor system? Nothing there like Microsoft surface book. Last I bought dell laptop was 2014, I upgraded to 1TB SSD. Now in 2018 they putting finger print scanner Wow. Still I see no reason to upgrade to Dell, just for finger print scanner.

  7. Wasn't the "Chromebook" idea to be cheaper than a laptop. On a budget friendly cost not on par with a mid budget laptop. SMH

  8. Why no figure print scanner?…

  9. Narrower bezels!! Where are they? It is ugly as hell. It is better you have a look at Asus's new lineup.

  10. thick at the bottom smh ..its for thermal purposes , i dont know whats the obsession with thin laptops that dont perform

  11. For a second there I thought these were the update to the G3, 5, and 7 from earlier this year.

  12. I like laptops with more ports

  13. Does anyone know when we can expect an XPS 15 refresh?

  14. Zzzzzzzzzzzz mx 150 …. Ha?!

  15. I kind of wish they implemented a number pad on the 15 inch model. Oh well, HP might be the answer

  16. my inspiron 2in1 turn out to be JUNK? BUY something else?????

  17. Kindly show the Inspiron models without the touch screens as well since there are a lot of users who prefers a non touch display in notebooks!

  18. Stop saying Alexa again and again..triggers the devices at home

  19. The fastest laptop I’ve ever owned

  20. $600 for a chromebook? Gtfo of here.

  21. I hope they Revamp The Dell Xps by Octobre Because im in into buying one or give the Inspiron atleast a 1050 then i,d buy it immidiatly

  22. I still can't get over the new ugly Dell logo…

  23. I like the design, but I just wish they gave the 15 inch thunderbolt connection and mx150 instead of 130. They almost nailed it.

  24. O come on dell, I just bought ur inspiron 2 in 1 just last year!!

  25. It’s very surprising that Dell is using MX 150 🙂

  26. Dell is trash just like HP.

  27. I almost immediately regreted that I didn't go for xps when I got my inspiron 2years ago. hope this time it's different

  28. Sorry, but have such a limited OS it is just not worth $600.00. I would just rather have Windows. I mean, a full OS is just a much better and enriched system than just having Chrome. Great review.

  29. Do you want to go on a date with me please

  30. ok, but show the product, we dont need to see whos talking

  31. I cannot deal with that huge chin, that's why I refuse to buy a Lenovo it looks hideous.

  32. Pitty the 17inch stil has those big bezels, and not better graphics. I really want a more compact 17inch like a xps type design and spec

  33. Dell laptops are needlessly expensive. $600 for a chromebook is a joke. Look at the Acer Aspire 5 instead.

  34. Dude, you're getting a Dell

  35. How utterly vulgar and grotesque…!!!

  36. What an great surprise, i was looking for a new laptop & XPS was going lit out budget. thanks dell

  37. 3 Type-C and 0 Type-A would be awesome!

  38. WTF alexa!? (DO DELL THINKS WE WOULD CARE!!!???)

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