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Dell’s plans for laptops and software in 2018

Dell’s plans for laptops and software in 2018

From refining the popular XPS laptops to making jewelry out of recycled laptop gold, Dell’s CES news paint an interesting picture of its efforts in 2018. The XPS 15 2-in-1 is the first laptop with Intel’s Core H with Radeon CPU+GPU+RAM combo. Dell explains the benefits.

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  1. Most people suck at their jobs. It's all business. She's no different. I don't even like her but she gotta make some money.

  2. One of the worst interview I have ever seen… Let him talk please!

    Just do a review if you're going to talk so much.

  3. but stll no gpu for xps 13

  4. This is why I'm not fond of watching woman talking tech, except Lisa from MobileTechReview

  5. So unprofessional. "My bad." Parents never taught her "Excuse me."

  6. This was really hard to listen too. Shes kind of abrasive. Love how shes says Intel "kind of" teamed up with AMD sorry honey but they teamed up there is no "kind of" involved, how about you tell everyone how you really feel. Please get someone less rude to do these interviews.

  7. I’m an emcee. I’m an actor. Can I please replace this interviewer? Jesus!

  8. “This doesn’t really seem like the twilight crowd”

    Continues to explain a part of twilight…


  9. XPS 17 anyone? I miss my M1710

  10. She needs to fix her roots.

  11. Yea, gotta be honest shes a shit interviewer. Not trying to be a troll or whatever, just honest critique.
    wtf does imessage and macbook comparison have to do with dell?

  12. The interviewer speaks more than the interviewee! Sigh

  13. smarmy, botched his job title, bad attitude and personality, and cut him off from saying hello/talking/introducing himself like 3-5 times in the first 35 seconds of the video. i would have thought a respected site/publication like Engadget could hire better interviewers/hosts then this.

  14. Nothing interesting. We need new intel+amd GPU in 13 inch form-factor.
    15 inch is no way portable

  15. I'm Furious. i couldn't watch the entire video because the interview she gave was so horrendous. @Engadget Please replace your interviewer, no disrespect to her but shes gotta go… .

  16. What does she mean "people out there won't understand"? Zip-it and let the Dell rep talk and be technical.

  17. gosh you're a bad interviewer o: you're so rude to him

  18. She is too talkative. Let him talk…..

  19. Man i am more interested to Latitude 9370. Make video about it please

  20. it's kinda boring to cover a tech news with a 'talk show' treatment. Your cameramen / DoP need to be more exploring, please find a better format for interview. Sitting in a sofa, together holding a microphone is so… 90s.

  21. oh wow, she is bad at this, sounds rude… no thanks… next please

  22. update the alpha, its got a 3 yr old gpu

  23. Dell maybe you should work on your awful customer service first.

  24. I hope they make the same XPS15 without the flippy thing

  25. Whatever her name is she is the worst interviewer ever. Please Engadget get rid of her.

  26. So who is working for Dell, the lady or the guy, she should at least let the guy explain the Dell roadmap


  28. I want this convertible on the precision 5000 or I"ll get the specter 360 instead.

  29. Why they don’t combine the standard powerful XPS with the slimmer 2in1 XPS so for those who want powerful laptop can have 360° hinge screen for content enjoyment or drawing?

  30. Where is the dell xps 15 normal one ?? 😞😞😞

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