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Demi Lovato Accuses Niall Horan Of Skype Stalking? WTF

Demi Lovato possibly outs One Direction’s Niall Horan as her Skype stalker in a MTV’s Girl Code segment.

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  1. Demi is being so dramatic 🙄🙄🙄🙄
    Niall forever!!!!

  2. y'all reaching like shit boii sksksk

  3. she said they never dated it wasn't her ex

  4. Niall wouldn't do it so yeah don't assume it was him

  5. Honestly, with how careful Niall is when it comes to who he dates I doubt this is true

  6. I think it cannot be Niall coz Demi still says that Niall is her best friend even in 2018..

  7. Wasn’t Demi dating the Wilmer guy during this time?

  8. What's wrong with you guys?She didn't mentioned any names.

  9. Guys, she never said who it was! She never said a name, so quit fucking assuming it's Niall! Stop hating on Demi, cause she never said it was Niall!

  10. Niall would not do it!!!!! He is tooooooo pure to do it.

  11. OK it was in back in 2012
    he is a celebrity like he can see 20 girls everyday (but he doesn't )

  12. I really want Demi and Niall to get together

  13. idk, probably a fan or something

  14. How do you know its Niall? You hoes also jump to post that click bait, huh?

  15. I would never ignore Nialler ❤❤❤

  16. I am sure it's not niall…He is not the stalker type

  17. Omg you guys please go and watch the full interview. well it's pretty short but she never mentioned niall. She never mentioned if the person is in the industry or anything. Lol And also the interviewer said "omg that's a stalker" Demi said no!.

  18. Btw Niall is a good person and a nice guy his fans LOVES him

  19. No wait Demi needs to like stop stalking Niall and she needs to get over her self like really

  20. Demi Lovato is talking about Niall wow but Niall did not do anything what's up with that so I think that Demi Lovato is talking about Niall but idk

  21. I really need that shirt

  22. i was literally singing " This cant behhhhh trueeehhh thash cant beeeehhhh trueeehhhh Nohhhhhh " Wtf ?? Lmfao.

  23. Is Demi crazy?She accused Niall for stalking when he didn't!

  24. niall has way better things to do in this life than skype stalking his old crush😂😂😂😂

  25. Wow you directioners are butt hurt idiots…..1. DEMI never called anyone a stalker, it was the interviewer 2. Demi never named names, it was people GUESSING that it was about him 3. She said it happened a long time ago, not that this person still stalks her now……did anyone actually watch or all just jump to conclusions based on the title?

  26. She didn't accuse him of stalking…. Everything always get blown up! The hosts said something about stalking and she said no! She didn't want them to go that far….

  27. I do not believe Niall would do that

  28. Wtf they cant just declare that Demi accused him of that that's rude to both of them. Mind your own business

  29. Are u serious ?😂 what a joke 😂. Niall is the sweetest guy❤️ why would he do that😴?really Demi find something to do😴 smh.

  30. OMG WHO CARES if she talks about Niall i mean IF I WERE A BOY i would totally go crazy for her cuz she's HOT and SLAYIN so sit yo asses down bitchesss

  31. Please that was years ago get over it, stalking you mmmmh kay I'm sure Niall Horan had more important things to do.


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