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Demi Lovato Photo Trouble

Demi Lovato Photo Trouble

Demi Lovato Photo Trouble

Starring Bonnie Fuller
Starring Chloe Melas


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  1. Demi is so beautiful n Shes my idol so people need to stop hating on her!

  2. chill everyone the photos r fake ^_^

  3. She faking desurves it why did she fucking taken those pictures

  4. Bottom line is don't betray someone's trust by being a piece of shit and exploiting someone for money. Bottom line is don't blame Demi for this but blame the scumbag who's pulling this shit.

  5. I don't thank that she would do something like that and if she did I don't care because I am a lovatic and she helped me thru the hard times I love her and her music so yeah that's what I had to say 🙂

  6. I hope the people of "Hollywood Life" channel are happy to be working for the position of "Rumour-spreaders". It's great that in today's society, there are jobs available even for lowlives. 🙂

  7. I dont know I don't really like Demi

  8. photo shoped demi is an amazing caring person and she would never be so rood

  9. They could easily be photoshopped

  10. And the tattoos were in the wrong places

  11. This is fake. I've seen them when I read about it on an article.

  12. i dont believe it. well i believe that she WOULD do it but i dont believe she has done it.

  13. thank god YOU understand.

  14. fuck ya! bring on da tits!

  15. NOT even demi, it some another girl.. how do i know ??? because it doesn't look like demi

  16. Demi is an amazing person she's very pretty and so talented and i think those rumors r fake. Demi did have so problems in the past then she got help and now she's turning her life around and that is why i admire her so much and u haters should stop hating on Demi if u guys have to hate then go hate on Miley she's the one who's been dressing half naked i'm not saying u should go hate on Miley but if u guys really have nothing to do with your lives then go hate on someone else okay but not Demi

  17. btw i havent seen them if u wanna know if there true look for the tatto on her side its a fether with some writing underneath then u will know its not true demi ily and no matter what happens i will always be a lovatic 🙂 x

  18. i love demi and i know that if they are true well she will get threw it as she is a strong woman she is my hero yeah she might of taken nude pics but i know there is alot of people who have done that and all of this will blow over and she has her lovatics to help her get threw it if things go bad thats what i think x


  20. Photo on right in cover when you first click the video is SOOOOO OLD

  21. No she wouldn't do something like that now she's not that type of person

  22. asshole ALERT douche ALERT.

  23. She was bipolar and had depression…but i do know your being sarcastic.

  24. I love Demi, a lot. People are going to say shit and make rumors about you. But, Demi is strong enough to not care <3

  25. It's not that hard to photo shop a nude pic, Demi is too precious. Why the hell would she take nude photos?

  26. Those pics are fake ….theyre too obvious .

  27. 1:32
    its her own fault…

  28. actually, they were hacked from her phone.. by an unprofessional hacker… not a hater.

  29. I looked if up and they look so fake! Her head is photoshopped

  30. Demis Apparent nudes were phottoshopped and @HaiFluttershy DEMI IS NOT A FUCKING SLUT SHE IS AN AMAZING PERSON AND MY LIFE SAVER SO STFU

  31. Dude. Disneyyyy i tell you they morph into sluts -~-

  32. Even if it is its Demi's private business, her life.

  33. there are no nude pictures of demi theres only one but she is not even naked in that picture

  34. i think the naked picture are true, but someone just hacked on her computer, look what happen to vanessa hudgens picture

  35. poor demi, especially seems she has a low confidence of herlself and can be easily depress. hope her friends and family would keep on supporting her.

  36. 1:06 Chloe stop it..wt a rash.!! Lol…
    Demi is one of the best singers who deserve respect, her and selena…
    Miley sucks

    Even.if the pic is real it will go away after a while..

  37. If the pics are real, i think that it was taken before she entet rehab lol

  38. There photoshopped I looked it up you can tell they photoshopped her head in the pictures.

  39. send me link to that.

  40. fake seenthem they are fake they not demi

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