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Demi Lovato Shades Nick Jonas Dating Selena Gomez & Miley Cyrus On Carpool Karaoke

Demi Lovato shades Nick Jonas for dating Selena Gomez & Miley Cyrus during their Disney Channel days on Carpool Karaoke with James Corden.

Produced & Directed by @yasminmohaideen

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  1. It’s hilarious because I had a feeling that was happening with nick, Mikey, and Selena when I was younger! It’s now confirmed!

  2. Lol the actual shade was when demi said "delta was the best"

  3. she didnt nessesarley throw shade she was just playing

  4. literally demi is a spoiled brat ew. i used to love her but no more lol

  5. I feel closer to Demi because she has an inhaler. We have a connection now.

  6. I really love their friendship 💋


  8. omg you r so silly. and she say that was together with his brother. Demi just kidding. omg

  9. I think Nick and Demi would be cute as a couple but they seem more like siblings I think it should be Nick and Selena, Demi and joe, then Miley of course with Liam. And Justin can go fuck himself, Taylor too bcuz I think that's what got in-between Selena and Demi's friendship

  10. What? There was no shade. She was just joking around with him. Wow, you guys ran out of stuff 😂

  11. I wish nick and demi date

  12. lol i don't buy it for a second that demi and nick haven't hooked up

  13. why the fuck does hollywoordlife interfere the other famous peoples

  14. Miley and NICK JONAS were together! when!!!!?

  15. that dude can sing. he even hit zayns high note in best song ever and i knew it he was in into the woods movie.

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