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Democrat Dunks On New NRA President

Democrat Dunks On New NRA President

The new NRA president is getting owned by a freshman congresswoman. Ana Kasparian, Adrienne Lawrence, and Maz Jobrani, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. MORE TYT: https://go.tyt.com/56r

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New NRA President Says McBath Only Won Race Because She’s A ‘Minority Female’

“Carolyn Meadows, the new president of the National Rifle Association who harkens from Georgia, was dismissive of freshman Rep. Lucy McBath’s (D-GA) victory in her 2018 race, saying McBath only won due to her status as a “minority female.”

Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Adrienne Lawrence, Maz Jobrani

Cast: Ana Kasparian, Adrienne Lawrence, Maz Jobrani


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  1. NRA ( Not Really Americans)

  2. Someone should make a list of all the politicians who take NRA money so we can vote them out.

  3. Ana You're growing on me.

  4. This shows how out of touch NRA is . NRA love money from gun manufacturers and Russia.

  5. I swear black people cant accomplish anything in this country without white republicans believing it wasn't because of affirmative action, white guilt or something else that has nothing to do with our talent. Unless, of course, it is sports.

  6. NRA: "Look, we're progressive! See, we have a woman president!"

  7. Colorado shooting used for political purposes the exact same day. “I hope Swalwell goes far.”
    Well I hope stupid people like you never make it on to real TV. For your sake. You would undoubtedly embarrass yourself.

  8. Lol how do you "dunk on" the person in the owner's box. They're not even playing the same game. One is playing chess, and the other checkers

  9. I'm confused… which lady was the Congress woman and which was the NRA president?

  10. I'm a liberal gun owner I have no love for the NRA I can't wait to see them fall.

  11. TYTs bosses want to disarm poor people.

  12. I had to pause the video and laugh when she said their problem is that they don’t vote, and then laughed again when everyone agreed with me on how stupid that was to say, but then again after some thinking she might have a point.
    There are no young conservatives, and the old ones have died off to the tune of 3,000,000 since the last election, with another 1,000,000 expected to die before the 2020 election (numbers may go up thanks to republican approach to healthcare).
    It’s a dying party. So it makes sense that they would be voting less!
    Finally the world can start to recover!

  13. That woman’s not black tho lmao white and black people need to stop subscribing to the racist one drop rule

  14. Young Turks = CNN extension on youtube. Why watch? Why not just watch CNN and get your dose of indoctrination there.

  15. The NRA trying to put women in a position of power to try to get PoC and Women to be tricked in to the NRA.

  16. I am a gun collector, and I have enjoyed shooting them for many years. People like me support groups like the NRA not because of money, but because we don't believe that law-abiding citizens should be restricted from owning guns. That being said, I absolutely share in your sentiments about violence that occurs and that we hear about — school shootings, mass shootings, etc. I am sick when I hear about those things. It would be nice to be able to come together and figure out a way to address those problems without also disarming law-abiding citizens. Someone that has been convicted of violent crimes should not own a gun — that's already in the law. There has been talk about mental health — that's also in the law. If a judge deems a person mentally incompetent, that person cannot own a gun. The big thing is that it we need to figure out how to stop those that fall through the cracks without also taking away gun rights of law-abiding people.

  17. in Richard Ojeda voice: Carol Meadows.

  18. She won a district that contains North Fulton couty. Which is the most wealthest area in Georgia, and 70% white.

  19. Gun control is about disarming whites and whites only. South Africa 2.0 is around the corner white people. They want your guns and they want you disenfranchised, displaced and dead. This country is more or less gonna resemble a third world shithole in 20 years. With the way society has become ever increasingly hostile towards us do you really think we're gonna have the same rights and protections minorities have now? Forced wealth and land redistribution and anti white pograms are gonna happen while TYT will make apologetic excuses as for why its okay. So yeah, you'll understand why i dont trust any of you.

  20. Rep. Lucy McBath is a minority??? We know who is Rep. Lucy McBath father is but who is her mother.

  21. Why are liberals constantly right & republiCONS constantly wrong?

  22. she won because she's hardcore pro Trump lol. tyt get your facts right

  23. Coming soon: Even m o r e voter suppression in Lucy McBath's district in Georgia!

  24. You got the wrong Black girl on the right day Black woman scorches Colorado Cops for wrongly entering her apartment this from Roland S Martin's YouTube Channel

  25. Well I think it's refreshing to see a conservative admit publicly what everyone already knows…that 'conservative' is just a synonym for 'Caucasian.'

  26. Money is the objective that would make your life go round they got to love it or hate what to do I'm not an NRA aficionado but it seems if you're in that business you make lucrative money making options on guns

  27. Dems are the party of Slavery,they hate African Americans,If this great lady worked for Bernie he would pay her less,that's Bernies way….Sexist.

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