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Democratic Candidate Has Questionable Past

Democratic Candidate Has Questionable Past

Who is John Hickenlooper? Cenk Uygur and Sarah Kleiner, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. MORE TYT: https://go.tyt.com/352ef

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Sarah Kleiner

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Sarah Kleiner


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  1. I hate to say this but 90% of the people I know back moderates. I try to explain why they should not support them but they argue like Trump supporters. This is a very REAL problem Cenk.

  2. This guy sounds like a glass or warm water when you have the option of a full meal for the same price. Leading from the center? So in other words: Please no one.

  3. Say this 5 times real fast
    Have a heaping helping of Hicken Loopers
    Have a heaping helping of Hicken Loopers
    Have a heaping helping of Hicken Loopers
    Have a heaping helping of Hicken Loopers
    Have a heaping helping of Hicken Loopers

  4. Thats just james comey wearing a trump mask lol

  5. Sounds like a breakfast cereal like Frankenberry.

  6. I saw his interview yesterday with Lawrence O'Donnell. Actually, he f*cked as soon he was asked about Tax brackets. Then f*cked it when asked about "medicare for all"… he said "Americans are happy paying for insurance…", dumb fool.

  7. Dishonest and linked to corruption?

  8. Cenk has turned in to the Bernie Bro version of Steve Doocy from Fox & Friends.

  9. What the hell does any moderate offer? What's their plan to solve anything? What policies do they support that 60-70% of the country supports?

  10. I've already got a slogan for a bumpersticker. Try this on…
    "Hickenlooper's the One!"

    Now we're talkin' 😉

  11. It's hilarious this guy thinks he has a chance. Don't waste your time and the money of idiots who are dumb enough to give it to ya!

  12. Fracking alone is enough of a disqualifier and it does make him an awful person.

  13. I can't vote Bernie simply because he would get destroyed in the General election. Can't convince Iowa or Ohio to go communist/socialist.
    However, being a true progressive myself, I can settle for a quasi/progressive who can also appeal to middle America, and who can beat Trump, and that's John Hickenllopper. Plus in a general election, he will win the important battleground state of Colorado, a state Trump would love to have. Vermont isn't a very important state, and it will go democrat anyway.
    Plus the Hick is for pot! He is pro bong!
    No, I got to go with Hickenvooper.

  14. Dude looks like saul goodman

  15. I could have swore I clicked on TYT. Why is Tucker Carlson on here? But in all seriousness, that Sarah lady is visibly uncomfortable.

  16. Bernie does not fit with the people of Colrodo. That would be Hickenpooper. if the Hick doesn't win the nomination, then Coloradians need to vote Trump.

  17. I happen to live in Colorado and it's about time somebody criticized Hickenlooper. Everything Cenk and the reporter said was true.

  18. People in the comments seem to have forgotten, THIS IS THE HOME OF THE PROGRESSIVES. Cenks tone and words are fine, she didnt seem to feel like he was hostile to her.

  19. Nothing wrong with Cenk's tone, but it wasn't suited to an interview at all.

  20. Shockingly biased commentary, even for Cenk.

  21. Zero policy candidates can just not bother to run, this election is going to be won on policies, not fluff words. The only policy I know about this guy is he loves fossil fuels, which is anti action on climate change, which I'm 100% against, we need urgent action to move away from fossil fuels.

  22. I love you Cenk but you went too hard on this. The guys record speaks for itself. You dont have to be hostile to the guest. This is how the mainstream treats progressives.

  23. He was one of the main people to uphold the pitbull mass seizure, slaughter, and still continued ban in Denver.
    As a progressive, he's the only one running that if he won, I'd vote Trump.

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